Conference Awards

Each year we select several awards for scholarly submissions and one award for our OSCM Distinguished Scholar.

Our Chan Hahn Best Paper Award are selected from all papers submitted to that year’s annual conference, whereas the Best Student Paper Award is selected from all submissions where the primary author is a student, as reported by the authors. The program chair, based primarily on reviewer ratings, selects four finalists for both awards. Then, two committees for ~four OSCM scholars choose the winner for each award.

Our annual OSCM Distinguished Scholar award honors one leading scholar from our field each year. The OSCM Scholar is selected for their commitment to both significant service and leading scholarship in the field. There is a standing committee, which periodically rotates, that selects these individuals. One member of this committee is the division-chair elect, and another is the past division chair.

OSCM Division 2017 Awards


2017 Distinguished Scholar Award

Prof. Steven Melnyk, Michigan State University


2017 Chan Hahn Best Paper Award

Winner: “Supply Disruption Management: The Early Bird Catches the Worm, but the Second Mouse Gets the Cheese?”

            Christoph Bode, Mannheim U.

            Maximilian Merath, Mannheim U.


 “Does Customer Network Centrality Matter in Enhancing Supplier Performance?”

            Dong-Young Kim, U. of North Florida

            Pengcheng Zhu, U. of San Diego

            Wenli Xiao, U. of San Diego

            Daniel Lin, U. of San Diego

“Does it Pay to Orchestrate Resources Beyond the Firm?”

            Alan Mackelprang, Georgia Southern U.

            Manoj K. Malhotra, U. of South Carolina

“The Dark Side of Buyer-Supplier Relationships and the Role of Corruption”

            Jonathan Webb, Queen Mary U. of London

            Stephan Henneberg, Queen Mary U. of London

            Sebastian Forkmann, U. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa


2017 Best Student Paper Award

Winner: “A Multiple Case Study of Development Supply Chains for Household Solar Products Sold in Haiti”

            James Knuckles, Cass Business School, City U. London

            ManMohan Sodhi, Cass Business School, City U. London



“Wearing Multiple Hats: Adopting New Practices in Global Production Networks”

            Maricela Arellano Caro, ETH Zurich

            Silvia Ponce, HEC Montreal

            Torbjørn H. Netland, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETH

“How Does CSR Orientation (In)Congruence in Supply Chain Affect Relationship Performance?”

            Xingping Jia, Shanghai Jiao Tong U.

            Yi Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong U.

 “Impact of Formal and Informal Networks on Collaboration–An Econometric Study of ACOs in MSSP”

            Yingchao Lan, The Ohio State U.

            Aravind Chandrasekaran, The Ohio State U.

            Daniel M. Walker, The Ohio State U.                        


2017 Best Reviewer Awards

Arash Azadegan (Rutgers Business School)

Kate Hughes (National U. of Ireland, Maynooth)

Antti Tenhiala (IE Business School)

Katie Wowak (U. of Notre Dame)


Past OSCM Division Paper Awards

(for past Distinguished Scholars, see this page:

Chan Hahn Best Paper Award

2016    Veronica H. Villena, Li Cheng “The Benefits and Downsides of Common Supply Chain Partners”

2015    Stephanie Eckerd, Sean Handley: “To Err is Human: A Model of Interorganizational Violations and Repair”

2014    John Gray, Sean Handley: “Managing Contract Manufacturer Quality when Product Testability is Low”

2013    Jeremy Kovach, Manpreet Hora: “Firm Performance in Dynamic Environments: The Role of Operational Slack and Operational Flexibility”

2012    John Gray, Gopesh Anand, Aleda Roth: “ISO 9000 as a Best Practice Intervention: An Empirical Examination”

2011    Anand Gopal, Manu Goyal, Serguei Netessine, Matthew Reindorp: “Impact of New Product Introduction on Plant Productivity”

2010    Dayna Simpson: “Organizational Information Gathering and Recycling Performance Outcomes”

2009    Rob Klassen, Markus Biehl: “Toward Assessing Financial Returns from Green Structural and Infrastructural Expenditures”

2008    Mile Terziovski and Shyong Wai Foon (U. of Melbourne)

2007    Xiande Zhao, Baofeng Huo, Jeff Hoi Yan Yeung (Chinese U. Hong Kong), and Barbara B. Flynn (Indiana)

2006    Xingxing Zu, Lawrence Fredendall, Tina Robbins (Clemson U.)

2007    None

2005    Ravi Kathuria (Chapman University)

2004    Adrian Choo (RPI), Kevin Lindermand (Minnesota) and Roger Schroeder (Minnesota)

2003    Mark Pagell (Oregon State) and Daniel Krause (Arizona State)

2002    None

2001    Mark Pagell and Chwen Sheu (Kansas State University)

2000    Morgan Swink and Dongsong Zeng (Michigan State University)

1999    Mohan Tatikonda (UNC) and Stephen Rosenthal (Boston U)

1998    Shaker Zahra (Georiga State University), Anders Nielsen (Aalborg University)

1997    1. Ken Boyer (DePaul University) / 2. Robert D. Klassen (University of Western Ontario) (two awards)

1996    Larry Menor, Aleda Roth and Charlotte Manson (UNC)

1995    Kim Bates (New York University) and Jim Flynn (Iowa State University)

Best Student Paper Award

2016 Sina Golara, Kevin Dooley The Influence of Manufacturing Services on Innovation”

2015    Desirée Van Dun, Celeste P.M. Wilderom: “Governing Highly Performing Lean Team Behaviors: A Mixed-Methods Longitudinal Study”

2014    Luv Sharma, Aravind Chandrasakeran, Ken Boyer: “The Impact of Hospital Information Technology Bundles on Performance: an Econometric Study”

2013    Marcus Bellamy, Soumen Ghosh, Manpreet Hora: “Supply network structure and firm innovation”

2012    Brett Massimino, John Gray: “The Effect of Culture and Cultural Distance on Plant-Level Process Compliance”

2011    Claire Senot, Aravind Chandrasekaran, Ken Boyer

2010    Heng Liu, Yi Liu, Yuan Li

2009    Pekka Helkio, Antti Tenhiala: “Beyond the Product-Process Matrix: Fit between Production Process Specificity and Task Environment”

2008    Bart van Hezewijk (RSM Erasmus U.)

2007    Anant Ravindra Deshpande (UT Pan American)

2006    None

2005    Andrea McGee Prud’homme (MSU), Ken Boyer (MSU), Roger Calantone (MSU)

2004    Gopesh Anand (OSU)

2003    Murat Kristal (UNC), Aleda Roth (UNC) and Jayashankar Swaminathan