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+++ The call for consortium participants for the 2023 conference in Boston is open! +++

+++ The 2023 calls for papers and PDWs are closed. Thank you for your submissions! +++

Message from Division Chair

The Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Division brings together a global group of leading empirical scholars from operations and supply chain management. The annual conference in August continues to be one of my favorite events, as it attracts over 10,000 scholars across a variety of disciplines and offers peer-reviewed scholarly sessions, professional development workshops, and networking opportunities of the highest quality. Our division also showcases special sessions and panel discussions with the leading empirically-oriented journals in our field, including the Journal of Operations Management and the Journal of Supply Chain Management.

In addition to the annual conference, this year our division is introducing a team of Regional Ambassadors who will be developing virtual content for our valued members to extend opportunities to interact throughout the year. We are targeting our first virtual event for late spring, so please stay tuned for further details!

In the meantime, please also browse our website to learn more about our leadership, awards, sponsors, the upcoming conference call for papers and professional development workshops, doctoral and junior faculty consortium information, and opportunities to join our division and get involved. This website contains all of the relevant information for submissions and the links to the relevant AoM sites.

Enjoy your visit!

Stephanie Eckerd – 2023 OSCM Division Chair


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