Strategic Review

June 10, 2022

Dear OSCM Division Members,

Over the past several months, the OSCM Division conducted its 5-year strategic review with the Academy of Management (AOM). The strategic review is a rigorous process that includes evaluating OSCM-specific and AOM at large metrics over the preceding five years, conducting a survey of the OSCM Division’s membership, completing an AOM health and governance checklist, assessing the current state of the Division including performance against previously set goals, developing a forward-looking strategic plan, and having our report reviewed by AOM’s Division and Interest Group Relations (DIGR) Committee.

I am happy to report that the OSCM Division has been renewed for another five years. Overall, AOM’s DIGR Committee concluded that the OSCM Division is a healthy division with specific strengths in the areas of membership, finances, and scholarly relevance. At the same time, both the OSCM Executive Committee and the AOM DIGR Committee identified opportunities for continued development related to membership engagement and participation, goal setting, and operations/leadership transitions.

Additional details can be found in our submitted OSCM strategic review report and the AOM DIGR feedback report, which can be accessed using the links below.

<<Link to OSCM Report>>

<<Link to AOM DIGR Report>>

On behalf of the OSCM Division’s Executive Committee, I thank our membership for its active participation in this review process and its support of our on-going efforts to improve the Division.

Best regards,

Sean Handley, University of South Carolina

OSCM Division Chair, 2022