OSCM Distinguished Scholars

Each year our Division bestows a Distinguished Scholar Award to a leading global scholar in our community. This award is intended to serve a dual purpose. The first is to honor distinguished leaders in the field of operations and supply chain management scholarship. Second, the award helps define the unique position of the OSCM division at the Academy of Management within the larger field of OSCM scholars. The award has two primary criteria:
1. to recognize commitment to serve the operations and supply chain field, both as a whole and within the Academy of Management, and
2. to honor scholarly excellence which has helped to shape both the field’s body of knowledge and practice.

The OSCM division promotes research on important and broad problems, with a focus on empirical research that is often cross-disciplinary. The Distinguished Scholar award offers an opportunity to highlight, define and honor scholars that emphasize this focus.

2021 OSCM Distinguished Scholar Award
Lutz Kaufman, WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management

Past OSCM Distinguished Scholar Awards
Mark Pagell, University College Dublin
2019   Lisa Ellram, Miami University
2018   1. Craig Carter (Arizona State U.) / 2. Daniel R. Guide, Jr. (The Penn State U)

2017   Steven Melnyk (Michigan State U.)
2016   Kevin Lindermann (U. of Minnesota)
2015   Elliot Bendoly (Ohio State U.)
2014   Janet Hartley (Bowling Green State U.)
2013   Robert D. Klassen (Ivey School of Business)
2012   1. Tom Choi (Arizona State U.) / 2. Keong Leong (California State U.)
2011    Morgan Swink (Texas Christian U.)
2010    Ken Boyer (Ohio State U.)
2009    Ram Narasimhan (Michigan State U.)
2008    Chris Voss (London Business School)
2007    Peter Ward (Ohio State U.)
2006    Aleda Roth (Clemson U.)
2005    Barbara Flynn (Wake Forest U.)
2004    1. Richard Chase (U. Southern California) / 2. Roger Schroeder (U. Minnesota)
2003    1. Chan Hahn (Bowling Green U.) / 2. Jack Meredith (Wake Forest U.) / 3. Linda Sprague (China Europe International)