Episode 11, Sean Handley, Program Chair, OSCM Division

12-26-2019 07:49

This is the eleventh episode of Listen to the Editors, a series of interviews with journal editors to unveil the trends in research for Operations and Supply Chain Management.

In this episode, we are interviewing the Program Chair for the OSCM Division in the AOM 2020 Annual Meeting, Stephanie Eckerd.

We discussed: the “under the hood” work of the scholarly program. Points authors should pay attention before submitting their manuscripts. What first-time attendees should pay attention to during the Academy of Management Annual Meeting.

The host for this show is Iuri Gavronski, Associate Professor for the Graduate Program in Business for the UNISINOS Jesuit University.

Listen to the editors is an initiative of the Operations and Supply Chain Management division of the Academy of Management. We post our interviews monthly in our division website. You can discuss any of the topics of this episode using our interactive tool, https://connect.aom.org.

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Editor's Bio:

Sean M. Handley is an associate professor of management science. Handley previously served on the faculty at the University of Notre Dame and Rutgers University. He obtained his Ph.D. and MBA from Ohio State University and received his B.S. in Industrial Management from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to entering academics, Handley served in multiple operational and supply chain roles working for a logistics subsidiary of Honda Motor, CEVA Logistics (formerly CTI), and GE Aviation among others. Handley is teaching, or has taught, graduate and undergraduate courses on operations and supply chain management, process analytics, business statistics, and procurement management and global sourcing.

Handley’s primary scholarly interests lie in studying the challenges and approaches to managing outsourced business processes with a particular interest in: formal and informal mechanisms for managing inter-organizational relationships, the management of offshore outsourcing engagements, and quality management with outsourced manufacturing. His research has been published in several leading academic journals including Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Strategic Management Journal, MIS Quarterly and Journal of Business Logistics. He serves on the editorial review board for Production and Operations Management and Journal of Supply Chain Management, and is an associate editor for the Journal of Operations Management.

Research interests:
Outsourcing, offshoring, buyer-supplier relationships, inter-organizational quality management, sourcing healthcare information systems

Background music:
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