2019-04-29-POM - Kalyan Singhal and Subodha Kumar

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In this episode we are interviewing the editors of Production and Operations Management (POM) journal. We are joined by poday we are interviewing Dr. Kalyan Singhal and Dr. Subodha Kumar. Dr. Singhal is the editor-in-chief and Dr. Kumar is the deputy editor-in-chief for POM.

This is the 4<sup>th</sup> episode of Listen to the Editors, a series of interviews with journal editors to unveil the trends in research for Operations and Supply Chain Management.

The host for this show is Iuri Gavronski, Associate Professor for the Graduate Program in Business for the UNISINOS Jesuit University.

POM, founded in 1992, is one of the longer living journals in the field. The mission of the journal is to publish research in all areas of Operations Management, in all research paradigms, according to Dr. Singhal. POM has 12 issues per year, and publishes around 150 papers in those issues. With 140,000-150,000 submissions per year, POM as a rejection rate of around 90%. According to Dr. Kumar, 70% of the rejections occur up to the first round. Dr. Singhal believes that one of the differentials of the journal is that most research go to the reviewers, so the authors have the opportunity to have a feedback on their manuscript.

The main reasons for desk rejection is lack of fit (a paper that was not written for an Operations audience) or lack of a contribution. Dr. Singhal divides the contribution in two dimensions: a contribution to the theory and the solving of a real problem.

The standard editorial process starts with the editor-in-chief assigning a department editor to the manuscript. In general, this department editor was the one suggested by the authors. Then the department editor assigns a senior editor. If the senior editor does not desk-rejects the paper, he or she assigns two to three reviewers for the manuscript.The senior editor then adds his or her recommendations, and sends for the department editor for the decision.

We also discussed how to integrate analytical and empirical paradigms in a single paper. Dr. Kumar shares his personal experiences as author in this important subject.

In 2017, POM articles were downloaded 300,000 times. Regarding the global reach, the share of downloads was 29% for China, 23% US, 6% UK, 18% others.

Calls for Papers:

See http://www.poms.org/journal/announcements/

Open: Sustainability

Planned: Disruptive Technologies

Website for the Journal:


Editor Bios:

Dr. Kalyan Singhal is the McCurdy Professor of Management in the Merrick School of Business. He founded the Production and Operation Management Society (POMS) in 1989, and he has been serving as editor-in-chief of the POMS journal Production and Operation Management since he founded it in 1992.

Dr. Subodha Kumar is the Paul R. Anderson Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. He also serves as the Director of Center for Data Analytics and the Ph.D. Concentration Advisor for Operations and Supply Chain Management. Prof. Kumar is the Deputy Editor and a Department Editor of Production and Operations Management (POM), and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Management and Business Review. He has served as a Senior Editor of Decision Sciences (DSI) and an Associate Editor of Information Systems Research (ISR). He is the Associate Executive Director of POMS Information Technology Services, the Web Editor of POMS, and the Vice President of INFORMS Information Systems Society (ISS).

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