2023 Call for Papers

Program Chair: Veronica H. Villena, Arizona State University, vhvillena@asu.edu
 2023 Call for Submissions 

The OSCM division invites scholarly papers and symposia submissions addressing any aspect of operations and supply chain management. We welcome submissions that consider the management of processes that create and deliver products and services. Research may focus on profit or non-profit organizations. Conceptual, empirical, and methodological contributions are encouraged, as are cross-functional linkages and perspectives.

The theme of the 2023 Academy of Management conference is Putting the Worker Front and Center, and the OSCM division encourages papers and symposia focused on that theme. This is a fantastic opportunity for our division to showcase one of our key strengths – researching issues that are of practical importance to migrant and frontline workers as well as middle and top managers. How are geo-political and globalization shifts transforming the experience of work? How can we help firms deal with labor shortages during this incredibly challenging period? How is the AI and other emerging technologies impacting primary and secondary labor markets? We invite you to explore this theme further at https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting/annual-meeting-theme, and take advantage of exciting opportunities it presents for our division.

Symposia proposals are particularly encouraged as they provide conference attendees a coherent, focused session of either a series of authored papers explicitly linked to a common theme, or a group of panelists engaged in a formal interactive discussion around particular issues or questions.

The OSCM division also encourages submissions from PhD students. Papers with a PhD student as the first or sole author should be clearly identified at the time of submission.

Division Awards:
• Chan Hahn Best Paper Award: All accepted papers are automatically entered into the competition. The finalists are selected before the conference, and the award is announced at the conference.
• Best Student Paper Award: An accepted paper lead-authored by a doctoral student will be recognized. To be considered, the paper must be identified as a “student authored” paper at the time of submission.

Submission Process:
All submissions must be made through the AOM Submission Center system website. The submission system is targeted to open December 5th, 2022. The submission deadline is Tuesday, 10 January 2022 at 17:00 (5pm) ET (NY Time). Please carefully review the submission guidelines and formatting instructions before submitting. If any of the guidelines or formatting instructions are not met, the submission cannot be reviewed. Please note that there is limited space on the scholarly program; therefore, not all sub-missions will be accepted. All submissions will nevertheless make an important contribution to the OSCM division, as the number of submissions impacts future allocation of time on the program. If your paper is accepted, you are committing to attend the scholarly program, held August 4th (Friday) through August 8th (Tuesday).

And as soon as you have submitted your work, please also make sure to sign up to review for OSCM and pay it forward! See: https://review.aom.org/