2022 Consortium

2022 Joint Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium

2022 OSCM consortium group picture
Group Picture 2022 OSCM Division Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium

On the first day of the 2022 AOM annual meeting, 33 doctoral students and junior faculty members gathered in person (finally!), for the OSCM Division consortium. We spent a full day together in which we had an ethical dilemma game, a job market panel with junior scholars around the globe, the traditional research incubator sessions, and a panel with the Editors of the Journal of Supply Chain Management. We also learnt about the academic journey with Prof. Nada Sanders in an interesting Learning from the Giants session.
On behalf of the OSCM Division and participants, we would like to send a heartful thanks to each of our 9 wonderful mentors!

  • John Aloysius, University of Arkansas
  • Craig Carter, Arizona State University
  • Stephanie Eckerd, University of Tennessee
  • Lisa Ellram, Miami University
  • Barbara Flynn, Indiana University
  • Evgeny Kagan, John Hopkins University
  • Anand Nair, Michigan State University
  • Wendy Tate, University of Tennessee
  • Travus Tokar, Texas Christian University

Thanks also to the 23 doctoral students and 9 junior faculty participants!

Doctoral students
Senali Amarasuriya, Georgia Southern University
Muhammad Hasan Ashraf, University of Rhode Island
Bing Bai, Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis
Christian Brian Bautista, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Llord Brooks, University of Arkansas
Davide Burkhart, University of Manheim
Sandra Buzon Vargas, Texas A&M University
Jesus Diego Castillo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Emily Dickey, Kuehne Logistics University
William Diebel, Ivey Business School at Western University
Uche Ekezie, University of North Texas
Abhay Grover, University of Maryland
Robert F. Jensen, University of Arkansas
Daniel Kwasnitschka, ETH Zurich
Si (August) Liu, McMaster University
Kati Marttinen, LUT University

Rahul Nilakantan, Georgia Southern University

Hasti Rahemi, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder
Ramin Sepehrirad, Washington State University
Ruth Schültken, University of Manheim
Xichen Sun, Texas A&M University
Pingping Tang, Washington State University
Mengyun Zhang, Texas A&M University

Junior faculty members
Onur Ağca, Warwick Business School
Rebekah Brau, Brigham Young University
Henrik Franke, ETH Zurich
Varun Karamshetty, National University of Singapore
Tony Lynch, Penn State Harrisburg
Dwai Roy, University of Virginia
Iana Shaheen, University of Arkansas
Niles Perera, University of Moratuwa
Jay Zhang, Colorado State University

This consortium features in the division's conference professional development workshop (PDW) program. It has helped doctoral students and junior faculty to further their research and build their professional network with peers and senior faculty. Students who have attended other conferences' doctoral consortia find this consortium uniquely beneficial due to the dual focus on developing research and social ties for both doctoral students and junior faculty.


Your chance to support the consortium

The success of the consortium depends on volunteers from our OSCM community, so if you would like to be involved as a mentor or panelist in the next year’s program, please reach out to us:

Maricela Arellano – maricela-connie.arellano-caro@hec.ca —for junior faculty, and

Annachiara Longoni – annachiara.longoni@esade.edu —for doctoral students

Want to participate in 2023?

Please navigate to the Call for Participants

Your consortium's coordinators
Maricela Arellano – maricela-connie.arellano-caro@hec.ca —for junior faculty, and

Annachiara Longoni – annachiara.longoni@esade.edu —for doctoral students