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Reminder: PDW on Theory Testing and Refinement, sponsored by (JOMSR) – apply by July 15

  • 1.  Reminder: PDW on Theory Testing and Refinement, sponsored by (JOMSR) – apply by July 15

    Posted 07-12-2023 18:52

    The editors of the Journal of Management Scientific Reports (JOMSR) will be sponsoring a PDW, "What does it mean to test theory?", at the AOM meeting in Boston, to be held on Saturday, August 4 from 10am-noon, room 205 Convention Center. During the second half of the PDW, JOMSR editors and board members will host roundtables to provide feedback to authors who submit a short proposal describing a study that fits the mission of JOMSR (see next paragraph). Those interested in receiving feedback on a specific proposal should submit their proposal (no more than 5-pages double-spaced) by July 15, 2023, to Bill Schulze (

    The mission of JOMSR is "to move management science forward by publishing research aimed at theory testing and refinement" (see for further information). During the first part of the PDW, the editors will provide advice on the various types of empirical papers that can test theory, including tests of theoretical models or assumptions, studies that test competing theories or constructs, and reproducibility and replication studies of published research. Specific advice for publishing in JOMSR will be provided, but the general content of this PDW is relevant for those interested in designing rigorous empirical theory-testing studies for publication in any journal. Pre-registration is not required to attend this session. All are welcome to attend.

    Xavier Martin
    Tilburg University