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*LAST CALL* Navigating Qualitative Dissertations PDW (hybrid session)

  • 1.  *LAST CALL* Navigating Qualitative Dissertations PDW (hybrid session)

    Posted 06-06-2022 10:42
    Call for Applications 
    Navigating Qualitative Dissertations PDW: Advice from the Experts 
    Session #: 17173 | Sponsors: RM, MOC, OB, OMT, CAR 
    Organizers: Ozumcan Demir-Caliskan, U. College London, Cameron McAlpine, Ivey Business School, Samantha Ortiz Casillas, Emlyon Business School, Afshan Rauf, University of Wollongong, and Nathan Tong, ESSCA School of Management

    Are you using qualitative methods in your dissertation? If so, would you like…

    - To ensure you are properly and appropriately using qualitative methods in your research?

    - Guidance on analyzing and/or writing up your qualitative data? 

    - To maximize the publication potential of your dissertation?  

    - Insight into approaching the job market with a qualitative or mixed-methods dissertation?  

    "Navigating Qualitative Dissertations: Advice from the Experts" is a Professional  Development Workshop aimed at providing doctoral candidates performing dissertations that  incorporate inductive methods (i.e., mixed-method or purely qualitative dissertations) with  focused and personalized feedback from experienced qualitative researchers. This PDW will be in its ninth year at AOM's annual conference and has two components: an in person session with a panel and roundtable discussions that will take place during the annual conference in Seattle and a 1-1 session with a faculty mentor to receive personalized feedback on the student's dissertation. The in person session is public and open to anyone attending the annual conference. The 1-1 feedback session requires an application from interested students.

    The in person session, which does not require an application, will consist of  a panel discussion addressing topics of interest to bourgeoning qualitative scholars such as crafting an identity as a qualitative researcher, the benefits and challenges of inductive research,  publishing qualitative work, and approaching the job market with a qualitative dissertation. Additionally, there will be roundtable discussions, giving attendees the opportunity to converse with faculty facilitators and other PhD students in a smaller setting. The in person session-panel and roundtable discussions-will take place on August 5, 2022 from 10:15AM to 12:15PM (Pacific, Seattle time, UTC-7) at the Seattle Convention Center in Ballroom 6E. Please make sure to re-confirm these details on AOM's final conference program. 

    The 1-1 feedback session with a faculty mentor requires an application and will be conducted after, during, or before the annual conference, according to the convenience of the faculty mentor and student. Every year, this PDW features a diverse mix of scholars with experience in a variety of inductive methods and expertise in an array of topics. 

    This year, we are proud to have the following 61 distinguished scholars involved as faculty mentors: Callen Anthony, Rodrigo Canales, Stephanie J. Creary, Tina Dacin, Melissa Mazmanian, Gerardo Okhuysen, Trish Ruebottom, Sarah Kaplan, Wendy K. Smith, Brianna Barker Caza, Chad Benjamin Murphy, Jason Kanov, Sally Maitlis, Lindsey Cameron, Lyndon Earl Garrett, Karen Golden-Biddle, Shalini Khazanchi, Ashley Elizabeth Hardin, Kristie Rogers, Gary Thomas Burke, J Goosby Smith, Curtis Kwinyen Chan, Ann Langley, Aimee L. Hamilton, Jean M. Bartunek, Tammy Elizabeth Beck, Tine Koehler, Kevin W. Rockmann, Beth Schinoff, Angelique Slade Shantz, Kevin G. Corley, Arvind Karunakaran, Erin Marie Reid, Mathew Laurence Sheep, Julia DiBenigno, Trish Reay, John Paul Stephens, Kathleen Pine, Ruthanne Huising, Jamie Jocelyn Ladge, Shamika Almeida, Nishani Bourmault, Shelley Brickson, Jennifer Petriglieri, Colin Muneo Fisher, Elaine Cahalan Hollensbe, Glen E. Kreiner, Kisha Lashley, Christi Lockwood, Carrie Oelberger, Tommaso Ramus, Bess Rouse, Jaco Lok, Kathryn S. Quick, Madeline Toubiana, Heather Ciara Vough, Lee Watkiss, Amy Wrzesniewski, Mark J. Zbaracki, Charlene E. Zietsma, and Ileana Stigliani 

    To apply to the 1-1 sessions with a faculty mentor: 

    Applicant eligibility: Doctoral candidates who are using qualitative methods in their dissertation  projects and are at any stage of the dissertation process (e.g., study design, data collection, data  analysis, manuscript development). Past participants are welcome to apply, although preference  will be given to first-time attendees. Please, no junior faculty applications. 

    Applications should be prepared as a single PDF or Word (.doc or .docx) file, saved as  "Last Name, First Name_NQD2022" (e.g., Tong, Nathan_NQD2022). Your file should include all of the following information: 

    1. Your name, the name of your school, and your email address
    2. A 200-word (maximum) abstract of your dissertation with 4-5 keywords that capture your topic and method to help best match participants with facilitators
    3. A 1,000-word (maximum) in-depth description of your dissertation project addressing: 
    4. Your research question(s) and theoretical framing 
    5. A description of your method(s) (e.g., grounded theory, ethnography, etc.) and  rationale for use 
    6. The stage of your dissertation you anticipate being in at the time of the conference in early August (i.e., study design, data collection, data analysis, or manuscript development) 
    7. What you most hope to gain feedback on your 1-1 session session and why 

    Please submit your application through the link: 

    The online application form will also ask you to articulate 3-4 general questions that you would like to discuss in the in-person panel and roundtable discussions. These questions can be about anything, such as the dissertation process itself, qualitative (or mixed) methods, approaching the job market as a qualitative researcher, crafting a research identity, career advice, publishing, etc.

    Submission deadline: 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (New York time) on Monday, 13 June, 2022. Acceptance notices will be sent during the first full week of July. If you have any questions, please email us at Once submitted, we will do our best to accept applications by matching student participants to faculty mentors based on methodological expertise and/or common theoretical interests. Incomplete applications may not be processed.

    Samantha Ortiz Casillas
    Emlyon Business School