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JSCM Special Issue on Regenerative Supply Chains

  • 1.  JSCM Special Issue on Regenerative Supply Chains

    Posted 03-19-2023 11:04
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    Dear OSCM Friends and Colleagues,

    I'd like to point your attention to the following JSCM SI CfP that I am leading together with a fabulous assembly of international scholars across management disciplines:


    Unchaining supply chains: Enabling transformative leaps towards regenerative socio0ecological systems


    March 1st 2024.

    Guest Editors

    Jury Gualandris – Ivey Business School at Western University (Canada)

    Oana Branzei – Ivey Business School at Western University (Canada)

    Sergio Lazzarini – Ivey Business School at Western University (Canada) and Insper Institute (Brazil)

    Miriam Wilhelm – WU Vienna (Austria)

    Kevin Dooley – Arizona State University (United States)

    Martina Linnenluecke – University of Technology Sydney (Australia)

    Michael L. Barnett – Rutgers Business School (United States)

    Ralph Hamann – UCT Graduate School of Business (South Africa)

    Chien-Ming Chen – Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

    Goals: The Journal of Supply Chain Management (IF: 8.025; ABS4) is excited to announce the Special Issue of our 60th anniversary, calling for researchers to advance theoretical insights and practical guidance in regenerative supply chains. The need for this research has become more urgent than ever as climate change and biodiversity loss accelerate. Over the past three decades, the supply chain literature has gradually expanded to examine synergies and trade-offs between economic, operational, and socio-ecological outcomes. However, limited insight has been provided on how to create an economically viable supply chain that has positive or regenerative impacts on social and environmental systems. In this special issue, researchers are called to rethink supply chains to integrate with nature respectfully and harmoniously. The principles, processes, and outcomes that characterize regenerative supply chains are not yet known, making this an essential area for academic research. 

    This special issue aims to bring together scholars interested in supply chain management, inter-organizational relationships, and stakeholder-oriented strategies to:

    • Examine how the study of regeneration challenges and extends traditional management paradigms and theories, especially those concerning the design and management of inter-organizational systems.
    • Advance a wide range of empirical approaches and methods (e.g., ethnography, in-depth process studies, metaphors, topic modeling, life cycle analysis, geographic information systems mapping) to describe, understand and characterize how regenerative processes and supply chains can emerge and function.
    • Illuminate business models, operational processes, inter-organizational structures, stakeholder strategies, and institutional dynamics of regenerative supply chains with important managerial and policy implications.

    Please see the attached document for details regarding the special issue. If you have questions, feel free to contact any of the guest editors or Co-EIC of JSCM.

    A virtual idea development workshop will be organized in May to provide examples and brainstorm ideas with those of you that are interested in contributing.

    Best regards,


    Jury Gualandris, PhD (he/him)

    Associate Professor of Operations Management and Sustainability

    Faculty Director of Building Sustainable Value Centre

    Faculty Director of Network for Business Sustainability

    Ivey Business School at Western University
    1255 Western Road
    London, ON, Canada, N6G 0N1

    Ivey | GScholar |  Twitter | LinkedIn ]