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JOM Departmental Editor Call - Healthcare Operations

  • 1.  JOM Departmental Editor Call - Healthcare Operations

    Posted 03-05-2024 22:28

    The Journal of Operations Management (JOM) seeks applications for a co-Department Editor (DE) position in the Healthcare Operations department. We seek to fill two co-DE positions in the Healthcare Operations department, one to start as early as May 1st, 2024 and the second to start at the end of the calendar year.


    The mission of the Healthcare Operations department is to advance research into how operations management methods and techniques can be deployed to positively impact personal or population health outcomes as well as organizational performance. The study of healthcare touches a wide variety of operational contexts. This includes the consideration of systems and processes central to hospital performance, but also the management of dynamics within organizations such as community health centers, nursing homes, medical distribution companies and pharmaceutical firms. We are interested in mechanisms that influence patient flow within and between individual units, how personnel are effectively (and perhaps equitably) scheduled given the unique constraints in this sector, how healthcare organizations manage their supply chains to address the complex network of stakeholders, as well as how multiple complementary entities can work in conjunction to improve patient outcomes. 

    The healthcare industry accounts for a significant portion of the domestic and global GDP. The importance of the sector has steadily increased and is expected to continue to grow as populations age and individuals take more ownership of their own health. Additionally, concerns over the cost of medical treatments and prescription drugs are at the forefront of public discourse while quality still remains an elusive concept. These issues make healthcare an area ripe for improvement through the utilization of principles inherent to the field of operations management.  

    While we are open to a range of research approaches, we are particularly interested in papers where the authors work directly with a healthcare organization so as to enhance the practical implications of the work. It is also desirable when a paper can examine the intermediate details of processes, systems and operational phenomena as they give rise to potentially conflicting outcomes and tradeoffs (e.g., patient experiences versus efficiency).

    Desired DE qualifications include:


    ·         Record of publishing empirical research in top OM journals

    ·         Evidence of providing insightful, constructive, developmental, and timely reviews and editorial reports

    ·         Motivation and enthusiasm for the role

    ·         Ability and availability to prioritize DE work among other obligations and commitments


    Qualified candidates who will diversify the DE group (by research focus, methods, geography, gender, etc.) are especially encouraged to apply.


    This editorial explains the expectations of the DE role, which we aim to involve handling up to two new manuscript submissions per month, along with continuing revisions.


    To be considered for this position, please email a cover letter describing your qualifications, along with your CV, to Managing Editor Jamie Sanchagrin by April 15, 2024.


    Applications will be evaluated by JOM's Editors-in-Chief, Elliot Bendoly and Rogelio Oliva. The appointees are expected to each begin a (roughly) three-year term upon appointment (with the possibility to renew for a second term).

    Please feel free to forward this call for applications to anyone with potential interest and appropriate qualifications.

    Best regards,

    Elliot Bendoly

    Rogelio Oliva


    Elliot Bendoly
    The Ohio State U.
    Columbus OH
    (404) 727-7138