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JOM Departmental Editor Call (2) - Operational Systems

  • 1.  JOM Departmental Editor Call (2) - Operational Systems

    Posted 03-05-2024 22:34

    The Journal of Operations Management (JOM) seeks applications for a co-Department Editor (DE) position in the Operational Systems department. We seek to fill two co-DE positions in the Operational Systems department with appointments beginning on July 1st, 2024.


    Effective management of operational systems, at a fundamental level, includes maintaining the flow of material and information in organizations while minimizing required resources, non-value-added work, and variability. Thoughtful management of these systems is critical to enhancing process and organizational performance, and requires an understanding of nonlinearities, uncertainties, risk, and randomness inherent to these systems. In short, it involves planning to build resilient systems that cope with such contingencies. Within business settings, operational systems serve as mechanisms utilized inside the organization to provide the supply necessary to meet demand. Such systems are not limited to material and information flows, but also include workforce planning and related behavioral aspects that are inherent when humans interface with operational systems.  

    Viewing these issues holistically, research of Operational Systems should focus on one or more of the design, management, and/or improvement efforts of such systems. The Operational Systems department seeks papers that are specifically positioned to address these objectives, mainly within the context of manufacturing and service operations. Submissions should be motivated by real-world examples and provide managerially relevant insights. Suitable topics include tactical decision-making, warehousing and logistics operations, safety, production management and scheduling, capacity management, inventory policies, process improvement, workforce management, flexibility and agility, responsiveness, quality management, robust operations, operational excellence, productivity among others. 

    Although issues related to operational systems naturally connect to areas of interest of other Journal Departments, submissions with an oversized emphasis on strategy, supply chains, technology, sustainability, healthcare etc. are likely a better fit for those respective departments.

    Desired DE qualifications include:


    ·         Record of publishing empirical research in top OM journals

    ·         Evidence of providing insightful, constructive, developmental, and timely reviews and editorial reports

    ·         Motivation and enthusiasm for the role

    ·         Ability and availability to prioritize DE work among other obligations and commitments


    Qualified candidates who will diversify the DE group (by research focus, methods, geography, gender, etc.) are especially encouraged to apply.


    This editorial explains the expectations of the DE role, which we aim to involve handling up to two new manuscript submissions per month, along with continuing revisions.


    To be considered for this position, please email a cover letter describing your qualifications, along with your CV, to Managing Editor Jamie Sanchagrin by April 15, 2024.


    Applications will be evaluated by JOM's Editors-in-Chief, Elliot Bendoly and Rogelio Oliva. The appointees are expected to each begin a (roughly) three-year term upon appointment (with the possibility to renew for a second term).

    Please feel free to forward this call for applications to anyone with potential interest and appropriate qualifications.

    Best regards,

    Elliot Bendoly

    Rogelio Oliva


    Elliot Bendoly
    The Ohio State U.
    Columbus OH
    (404) 727-7138