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IJOPM Special Issue January 1st – Beyond Industry 4.0 – Integrating Lean, Digital Technologies and People

  • 1.  IJOPM Special Issue January 1st – Beyond Industry 4.0 – Integrating Lean, Digital Technologies and People

    Posted 21 days ago
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    We invite submissions to a Special Issue on "Beyond Industry 4.0 – Integrating Lean, Digital Technologies and People" at the International Journal of Operations and Production Management starting January 1st, 2023.

     Potential topics

    This special issue sets out to prepare the grounds for integrating lean and Industry 4.0. We call specifically for in-depth qualitative studies that focus on implementations. This includes case studies, action research, intervention-based research, field studies and design science. We are interested in existing solutions and new solutions. We are also interested in empirical papers that develop new theories or test theories. But these studies should be thoroughly grounded in real implementations, and there should be clear support for causal links, for example using directed acyclical graphs or advanced econometric techniques for a causal interpretation. Potential research questions include:

     How does new technology impact workers' work routines?

    • Will lean workers accept non-human decisions?
    • How can lean contribute to unlock the potential of new digital technologies?
    • How can new digital technologies enhance lean?
    • What strategies can managers adopt when encountering paradoxes when jointly implementing lean and Industry 4.0?
    • How can lean and Industry 4.0 be integrated in complex and dynamic environments, such as healthcare and supply chains under uncertainties?
    • How should Industry 4.0 and lean programs be implemented in practice?
    • What problems do companies that implement Industry 4.0 and lean face, and how can they be addressed?
    • What solutions exist, and what solutions can be designed to integrate lean and Industry 4.0?

    More information on the website:

    Dr. Giuliano Marodin

    Continental Chair Professor in Operations and Supply Chain

    Management Science Department

    Darla Moore School of Business 

    University of South Carolina