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Call for papers for a Special Issue: Sustainable International Management: Research in Global Culture and Leadership Development

  • 1.  Call for papers for a Special Issue: Sustainable International Management: Research in Global Culture and Leadership Development

    Posted 11-26-2021 13:36

    Special Issue: Sustainable International Management: Research in Global Culture and Leadership Development


    Deadline: August 15th 2022


    Guest Editors

    Dr.  Alfredo Jiménez

    Dr. Dorra Yahiaoui

    Dr. Chi Zhang

    Dr.  Cuiling Jiang


    Apologies for cross-posting!


    Dear Colleagues,

    Organizations are giving an increasing attention to corporate sustainability, due to the regulative requests, expectation of stakeholders and the greater community, environmental pressure and the benefits of achieving firms' performance. With the intensification of globalization, sustainability remains no longer an issue inside the organization, but becomes a collective concern with its overseas suppliers and customers. As a multidimensional construct, it is worth investigating sustainability from different perspectives in this global cultural context Prior studies have investigated sustainability from culture, human resource management, boardroom nationality, boardroom gender diversity, corporate identity, organizational capabilities, measurements to corporate sustainability performance, challenges in achieving sustainability, and so forth.

    The goal of the Special Issue is to expand existing literature on these themes, by offering new insights and future perspectives on how informal institutions (e.g. changing cultural values and cultural practices) and formal institutions (e.g. regulations, norms) may interplay together and affect corporate sustainability performance, what is the role of leadership in shaping corporate sustainability policies and practices.

    We invite both conceptual and empirical research on the above themes. We are particularly interested in research combining multiple theoretical backgrounds and methodological approaches, as well as literature review or theory papers. Examples of relevant topics for this Special Issue include, but are not limited, to the following:

    How does institutional practices (formal and informal) interplay with culture to affect the development of corporate sustainability practices?

    How do developed economies multinational companies transfer corporate sustainability practices across borders? What strategies do they use? What is the role of culture and leadership in this transfer? Does corporate sustainability performance vary from one country to another? Does reverse transfer of corporate sustainability practices exist?

    How do emerging economies multinational enterprises manage their corporate sustainability performance in their internationalization and localization processes, while considering long-term vs short-term strategies and spatial dimensions (e.g., local vs global)?

    How do go-global enterprises manage corporate sustainability?

    How does Covid-19 affect firms' corporate sustainability performance across borders?

    How could companies use human resource management to balance the tensions that occur between economic, social, and environmental concerns, in the global context?

    What is the impact of crisis management on organization's sustainable practices in its overseas market?

    What are the different perceptions of power/ motivation/ leadership across countries when implementing sustainable policies?

    Which leadership style foster companies the most to implement and develop corporate sustainability practices?


    Keywords: culture, corporate sustainability, go-global entreprises, implications, institutionalization, leadership, multinational entreprises, performance



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    Chi Zhang
    Kedge Business School