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Reminder: Oct. 15 Deadline for Family Business Review Proposals

  • 1.  Reminder: Oct. 15 Deadline for Family Business Review Proposals

    Posted 09-16-2021 07:44
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    (2020 Impact Factor = 9.848)

    2024 Review Issue
    Proposal Deadline: October 15, 2021

    Review Issue Editors:
    Joshua J. Daspit, Texas State University (
    Kristen Madison, Oklahoma State University (
    Mattias Nordqvist, Stockholm School of Economics (
    Philipp Sieger, University of Bern (

    We invite authors to submit proposals for the 5th Review Issue of Family Business Review (FBR). The goal of the FBR Review Issue is to provide a retrospective of research conducted in the family-business domain and to guide the future development of the field.

    We welcome reviews on a wide range of topics and methods. Review articles will critically examine gaps between ‘what we know’ and ‘what we need to know’ while emphasizing ‘why we need to know’ about a particular topic or method. Successful submissions will ideally review a topic that is highly relevant to family business scholars; use the review to synthesize, interpret, critique, and extend current knowledge; pinpoint avenues for future research; and contribute insights to related disciplines.

    In addition to reviews on family-business topics typically found in leading journals in management and business, we encourage reviews of topics and methods that are particularly relevant for family businesses but found in other fields (e.g., psychology, anthropology, sociology). Examples of topics could be related to health (e.g., addiction, disease), family science (e.g., family dynamics, communication, roles of in-laws), affect and emotions (e.g., emotional attachment, emotional experience/dissonance, affect-related processes), community (e.g., social welfare, political capital, social networks, collaborations/alliances), longevity (e.g., discontinuities vs. continuities, path dependence, history), or more generally, practical implications of family-business research. Examples of methods might include ethnographic studies, comparative cross-cultural studies, experiments, action research, process studies, or simulations. If engaging in such a review, then the implications for future family-business research must be clear. Please note that these are only examples of potential topics and methods. The Review Issue is open to an array of topics and methods as long as they are relevant for the contemporary advancement of family-business research.

    Prior to submitting proposals, authors are encouraged to review the previous editorials and review articles published by FBR. Also, consulting other leading journals for inspiration and guidance on developing a meaningful review article is encouraged. (A sample of FBR review articles is available at

    Proposals must be submitted through the FBR submission portal at Manuscript Central ( and indicate “5th Review Issue” as the manuscript type. Proposals should be no more than three single-spaced pages (with 12-point, Times New Roman font and 1-inch page margins). References, tables, figures, and appendices may be included as additional pages; however, the completed proposal must be no more than a total of 10 pages.

    Proposals should include, at minimum, the following headings:

    (1) Topic: Describe the topic of the review and explain why it is important to conduct a review of this topic at the current time. If a prior/similar review is published, clarify how this review will meaningfully add to our current understanding.

    (2) Search Criteria: What processes and procedures will be used to identify the relevant literature? Offering a summary of initial search results will be helpful for the review team.

    (3) Preliminary Conclusions: What observations, insights, and new knowledge will likely result from this comprehensive review of the literature? How will future research (both in family business and beyond) be advanced by your work?

    The Review Issue editorial team will review proposal submissions and invite authors to develop a full paper for publication consideration. Editors reserve the right to desk reject complete papers if they are deemed underdeveloped for this issue. Also, reviews primarily reporting bibliographic/citation data, topic/author counts, and similar information are not likely to be favorably evaluated.

    Proposed Timeline for 2024 Review Issue:
    ▪ October 15, 2021: Proposals due
    ▪ December 1, 2021: Decisions on proposals sent
    ▪ July 1, 2022: First full draft due
    ▪ Late 2023: Final manuscripts submitted to publisher
    ▪ March 2024: 5th FBR Review Issue published

    Questions can be directed to any member of the Review Issue editorial team.

    About Family Business Review:
    Launched in 1988, Family Business Review (FBR) was the first scholarly journal dedicated to the study of family business. FBR serves as an interdisciplinary, scholarly forum that publishes conceptual, theoretical, and empirical research aimed at advancing the understanding of family businesses around the world.

    FBR’s 2020 impact factor is 9.848, ranking it 12th among 143 business journals. FBR is rated as an “A” on the 2019 Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) list, a “3” by the Chartered Association of Business Schools 2021 Academic Journal Guide, and a “Q1” (top quartile) in the Business, Management, and Accounting (miscellaneous) category and the Finance category by the 2021 SCImago Journal Ranking.

    For more information on FBR, visit


    Josh Daspit
    Associate Professor
    Texas State University
    San Marcos TX