Best Supply Chain Paper

The Best Supply Chain Paper Award is sponsored by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). The selection process has four steps:

  1. The OSCM Division Program Chair nominates a set of four papers that are candidates for this award.
  2. These finalist papers are forwarded to the chair of ISM’s Education Resource Committee (ERC) for evaluation.
  3. The ERC reviews each finalist paper, selects the award winner, and designates the other 3 papers as “Runner Up”.
  4. The award winner is announced by the CEO of ISM at the AOM Annual Meeting.

Finalists for the award are selected by the OSCM Division Program Chair based on the ratings and comments received from AOM conference reviewers. The award winner is then chosen from these finalist papers by the ERC following a blind review process. The selection criteria are as follows:

  1. Significance of the paper to the field of Supply Chain Management (SCM);
  2. The extent to which the paper is interesting and managerially relevant;
  3. Theoretical contribution to SCM;
  4. Use of appropriate methodological rigor;
  5. Clarity of writing and/or presentation.

2020 Best Supply Chain Paper Award

Winner: Transparency in the Supply Chain:  Do Firms Benefit by Disclosing Supplier Monitoring Activities?
Yanji Duan, Christian Hofer, John Aloysius


Coordinating Collaborative Supply Chain Efforts:  A Focus on Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh
Arash Azadegan, Muhammad Hossain, Mohammad Ali

The Trust-Opportunism Paradox in Corporate Sustainability:  Managing Sustainability in Supply Chains
Constantin Blome, Lutz Preuss, Antony Paulraj

The effect of Postponement on Logistics Flexibility:  An Empirical Evidence of Swedish Retailers
Hamid Jafari, Mohammad H. Eslami, Anthony Paulraj