2020 Awards

Each year we select several awards for scholarly submissions and one award for our OSCM Distinguished Scholar.

Our Chan Hahn Best Paper Award are selected from all papers submitted to that year’s annual conference, whereas the Best Student Paper Award is selected from all submissions where the primary author is a student, as reported by the authors. The program chair, based primarily on reviewer ratings, selects four finalists for both awards. Then, two committees of four OSCM scholars choose the winner for each award.

Our annual OSCM Distinguished Scholar award honors one leading scholar from our field each year. The OSCM Scholar is selected for their commitment to both significant service and leading scholarship in the field. There is a standing committee, which periodically rotates, that selects these individuals. One member of this committee is the division-chair elect, and another is the past division chair.

2020 OSCM Distinguished Scholar Award

Mark Pagell, University College Dublin

2020 Chan Hahn Best Award

Winner: Untangling Drivers for Supplier Environmental and Social Responsibility
Veronica Haydee Villena, Pennsylvania State University; Miriam Michiko Wilhelm, University of Groningen; Chengyong Xiao, University of Groningen


Rare is Beautiful? Rare Technological Resources and Value Implications 
Jeongsik Lee, Drexel University; Hyun Ju Jung, KAIST College of Business; Hyunwoo Park, Ohio State University

Which Supplier to Select for Product Development? A Node, Dyad, And Network Level Investigation
Yingchao Lan, University of Nebraska - Lincoln; Tingting Yan, Wayne State University; Brett Massimino, Virginia Commonwealth University

The effect of tariffs on inventory performance: The moderating role of supply base characteristics
Robert Wiedmer, Arizona State University; John-Patrick Paraskevas, Miami University


2020 Best Student Paper

Winner: Subcontracted Labor Mix in Projects Teams: The Benefits and Costs on Financial Performance
Antoaneta Momcheva, IE University; Fabrizio Salvador, IE University; Emmanouil Avgerinos, IE University


Prototyping a routine building-intervention to develop towards a lean organization
Wilfred Herman Knol, HAN University of Applied Sciences; Kristina Lauche, Radboud University Nijmegen; Roel Schouteten, Radboud University Nijmegen; Jannes Slomp, HAN University of Applied Sciences

Buyer-Supplier Networks and Innovation: The Role of Shared Technological Knowledge
Shubhobrata Palit, Georgia Institute of Technology; Manpreet Hora, Georgia Institute of Technology; Soumen Ghosh, Georgia Institute of Technology

When Managers Meet Models: Integrating Human Judgment and Analytics
Rebekah Inez Brau, University of Arkansas; John Aloysius, University of Arkansas; Enno Siemsen, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2020 Best Supply Chain Paper Award (Sponsored by the Institute for Supply Management)

Winner: Transparency in the Supply Chain:  Do Firms Benefit by Disclosing Supplier Monitoring Activities?
Yanji Duan, Christian Hofer, John Aloysius


Coordinating Collaborative Supply Chain Efforts:  A Focus on Rohingya Refugee Camps in Bangladesh
Arash Azadegan, Muhammad Hossain, Mohammad Ali

The Trust-Opportunism Paradox in Corporate Sustainability:  Managing Sustainability in Supply Chains
Constantin Blome, Lutz Preuss, Antony Paulraj

The effect of Postponement on Logistics Flexibility:  An Empirical Evidence of Swedish Retailers
Hamid Jafari, Mohammad H. Eslami, Anthony Paulraj

2020 Best Reviewer Award

William Diebel, Western University
Shardul Phadnis, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation
Jens Roehrich, University of Bath

2020 Distinguished Service to OSCM Division

Virpi Turkulainen, University College Dublin