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AOM 2019 PDW Invitation - Using data from the transportation sector to advance management/strategy theory

  • 1.  AOM 2019 PDW Invitation - Using data from the transportation sector to advance management/strategy theory

    Posted 05-10-2019 13:58

    PDW description/overview

    In this PDW we aim to discuss the latest qualitative and quantitative empirical evidence, which demonstrates that the transportation sector is an excellent setting to develop management/strategy theory. We intend to present a number of research streams and skills to facilitate discussions on how to best use the data available in terms of advancing the management/strategy literature, which is expected to result in opportunities for developing joint projects/papers. In-depth interactions at roundtables, facilitated by leading academic experts and industry executives (in addition to the feedback that we will give to proposals that attendees submit prior to the session) will allow for enhanced cross-fertilization of ideas, skill development and the generation of potential new research projects/ collaborations. As we intend to develop some innovative approaches and projects around strategy in transportation, those ideas will guide the bulk of the discussion and workshop activities.

    Location: Friday, Aug 9 2019  8:00AM - 10:30AM   Boston Park Plaza, White Hill 


    Chair: Rico Merkert – University of Sydney Business School

    Coordinator: Marvin B Lieberman - UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Coordinator: Pinar Ozcan - Warwick Business School

    Coordinator: Manuela Hoehn-Weiss - Oregon State U.

    Presenter: Alex Cosmas - McKinsey & Company

    Format and registration/proposal submission?

    Presentations of our four faculty experts and senior industry speakers will be followed by roundtable paper/ project development discussions with one faculty expert leading each roundtable (one/two senior industry executives will move from table to table to provide comments). Participants who would like direct feedback from the organizers on current paper, project or research ideas, should submit a 2 to 5-page proposal to by July 26. However, the submission of such a proposal is NOT required for participation in this session. Please email for obtaining an approval code.

    Rico Merkert
    Professor and Chair in Transport and Supply Chain Management
    The University of Sydney Business School