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PDW on improving the credibility of your research

  • 1.  PDW on improving the credibility of your research

    Posted 06-29-2019 11:41

    Dear O&SCM Division colleagues,

    We cordially invite you to join us in learning and discussing a few Philosophy of Science Responses to the Reliability Crisis. Below are the details of this PDW. 

    Session #307

    Time: Saturday, Aug 10 2019 8:00AM - 11:00AM 

    Place: Boston Park Plaza in Boylston

    Sponsors: STR, OB, OMT, TIM



    Brent Goldfarb (University of Maryland)*
    Xu Huang (Hong Kong Baptist University)*
    Andy King (Dartmouth/Boston University)
    David Kirsch (University of Maryland)
    Saku Mantere (McGill University)
    Tim Simcoe (Boston University)
    Anne Tsui (University of Notre Dame)

    * Organizer


    Worried about how to navigate the reliability crisis? We can help! As norms of reporting and research are changing, we will explore strategies to modify our claims to make them future-proof. The PDW will explore the challenges in generalization, replicability and reliability. It will apply established and recent developments in the philosophy of science to management research to consider foundational solutions to reliability problems. We will explore abduction, induction, deduction, hypo-deduction, and when claims are valid and when they are not. We will also consider subjectivity and our responsibility of scholars in an applied science. The PDW will include presentations, guided practical examples and roundtable discussions

    Anne Tsui
    University of Notre Dame
    Notre Dame IN
    (574) 631-3504