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Listen to the Editors now on Spotify

  • 1.  Listen to the Editors now on Spotify

    Posted 03-30-2019 10:29
    Hi there,
    I just have posted our podcast, "Listen to the Editors", to Spotify.
    Those who didn't subscribe it yet on Apple Podcasts (or Podcast Addict on Android), will be able to download and listen to the episodes when Spotify make it available (it normally takes a couple of hours).
    Please let me know if you have problems finding it.
    As usual, you can contact me if you want to suggest a journal editor for interview, if you have suggestions, or need clarifications.
    Best regards,
    RYYSmbzAT66hzsTmcmvp_Screenshot 2019-03-30 11.18.41.png

    Iuri Gavronski
    Associate Professor
    UNISINOS Jesuit University