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Diversity and Inclusion @ AOM 2019 - D&ITC Program

  • 1.  Diversity and Inclusion @ AOM 2019 - D&ITC Program

    Posted 08-06-2019 13:33

    Dear colleagues,

    The mission of the Diversity & Inclusion Theme Committee (D&ITC) is to provide learning and outreach opportunities that foster a more diverse and inclusive Academy of Management community.

    As the Academy's meeting in Boston is now but a few days away, we write to highlight the D&ITC program of PDW sessions, which are variously co-sponsored with AFAM, GDO, CMS, IM, ITC, HR, OB and PTC, and to which all AOM members are very welcome:

    • Tribal Identity and the Challenge of Building Inclusive Organizations (#15, Friday, 9 August, 8–9:30am, Westin–Essex Center).
    • Gender Equity At Work? Pay Inequity and Underrepresentation (#20, Friday, 9 August,  8–9:30am, Boston Convention Center–203).
    • Sequel Session on Building GDO Community through Storytelling: Sharing Defining Moments (#24, Friday, 9 August, 8–9:30am, Park Plaza–St. James).
    • Inclusive Academies: Understanding, Creating and Operating Inclusive Academies in Management (#85, Friday, 9 August, 9:45–11:45am, Boston Convention Center–203; *requires registration).
    • Organizational Fringework: Methodological Incursions into Research and Inclusivity (#151, Friday, 9 August, 1–2:30pm, Hilton–Adams B).
    • Time to Open the Door to Virtual Conferences?: Becoming a Fully Inclusive AOM through Technology (#152, Friday, 9 August, 1–3pm, Boston Convention Center–204).
    • LGBTQQIA+ Inclusion in the Academy of Management: Understanding AOM as an Inclusive Organization (#178, Friday, 9 August, 2–4pm, Boston Convention Center–107).
    • Moving Up the Academic Ladder: It's Time for More Women Full Professors (#179, Friday, 9 August, 2–3:30pm, Boston Convention Center–309).
    • Neurodiversity Inclusive Organizations and Autism @ Work (#188, Friday, 9 August, 2:30–4pm, Park Plaza–Statler; *requires registration).
    • Sexual Harassment (#190, Friday, 9 August, 2:45–5:15pm, Boston Convention Center–313).
    • Mind the Gap: Gender, Embodiment and Identity in Organizations (#218, Friday, 9 August, 4:15–6:15pm, Park Plaza–White Hill).
    • Do I Fit in at AOM? Concealed Identities and Engaging Your True Self at the Academy (#342, Saturday, 10 August, 9:45–11:15am, Boston Convention Center–205).
    • Co-Creating Enabling Conference Environments (#353, Saturday, 10 August, 10am–12pm, Boston Convention Center–103).
    • Integrate, Initiate, Innovate! Bridging the Gap in Diversity & Inclusion Field Research (#354, Saturday, 10 August, 10am–12pm, Park Plaza–Clarendon).
    • Inequality, Violence and Humanity: Subalterns and the Neoliberal Politics of Identity and Inclusivity (#394, Saturday, 10 August, 11:45am–1:45pm, Hilton–Belvidere Ballroom, Salon B).
    • Publishing Diversity Research Workshop (#451, Saturday, 10 August, 2:30–5pm, Park Plaza–Newbury; *requires registration).


    Finally, we very much welcome all AOM members to our interactive D&ITC Town Hall Meeting (#437, Saturday, 10 August, 1:45–3:45pm, Boston Convention Center–313), where we will review progress since last year, and participants will share inclusion experiences and best practices for making AOM more diverse and inclusive. This will be followed by our D&ITC Connections Café (#485, Saturday, 10 August, 4–5:30pm, Boston Convention Center–313), where AOM members can connect socially over afternoon snacks and drinks.


    Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you in Boston!


    All our very best,


    Banu Özkazanç-Pan and Paul Donnelly,

    PDW and Incoming Committee Co-Chairs,

    Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee.

    Paul Donnelly
    Technological University Dublin