2017 OSCM Division Joint Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium

The Operations and Supply Chain Management Division is proud to announce a joint Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AoM) in Atlanta, GA, USA.

This event will be held from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM on Friday, August 4th, 2017.

The consortium has been a regular feature of the division’s conference program, and has been assisting doctoral students and junior faculty in furthering their research and in building their professional network with peers and senior faculty.
The joint consortium is primarily composed of two integrated sessions. During the research session, doctoral students are expected to prepare a short presentation about their research proposal to a panel of senior and junior faculty who will provide feedback and guidance on each proposal. Junior faculty will present their research prospectus describing how they are extending their dissertation research and/or starting new research streams.

We also have scheduled panel sessions with senior faculty and editors, focused on publishing and developing research streams.
Doctoral students and junior faculty doing research on any Operations and Supply Chain Management topic may participate. However, preference will be given to students and junior faculty employing empirical research techniques.

Students who have attended other conferences’ doctoral consortia find this consortium uniquely beneficial due to its intensive focus on developing research. In our format, junior faculty are put in a unique position of receiving advice from senior faculty as well as acting as mentors for doctoral students.
The consortium coordinators are Finn Wynstra (fwynstra@rsm.nl) for the junior faculty and Stephanie Eckerd (seckerd@utk.edu) for the doctoral students. If you are interested in attending the Joint Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium, send your application by e-mail to the relevant coordinator by April 15, 2017. We have room for 30 participants; successful applications will be acknowledged latest by May 15.
The applications should include: (i) a vita, (ii) full contact information, (iii) advisor’s contact information (doctoral students only), (iv) a one-sentence statement on your stage in the doctoral program (doctoral students only), (v) a three-page summary of your dissertation research (doctoral students only), and (vi) a three-page research prospectus (junior faculty only).
Doctoral students should also indicate whether they apply for a travel grant from the OSCM Division Student Assistance Fund. (If interested, see the details in the OSCM Endowment Charter).

All senior faculty interested in mentoring please contact either coordinator.
For any questions, please contact Finn Wynstra (fwynstra@rsm.nl) or Stephanie Eckerd (seckerd@utk.edu).


The Joint Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium – Anaheim 2016

2016 Doctoral Consortium

In keeping with tradition, this year’s consortium aimed at building dissertation proposals and research portfolios. After introductions and breakfast, the participants were divided into groups, with most groups consisting of a senior faculty mentor, a junior faculty member and two doctoral students.  In the morning sessions, participants presented their research goals and dissertation topics, while the other members of the small group provided feedback. The topics ranged from buyer-supplier relations to health care operations as well as sustainable supply chains. To fit the OSCM division strategic methodological focus, the works covered various empirical methodologies from detailed case studies to broad-based primary and secondary data studies.  The morning ended with a brief summary by each group, followed by lunch where mentors and students could mix and mingle.

In the afternoon, all participants took part in two rounds of discussions addressing dilemmas that we all may face in our academic careers. One dilemma related to the publication process, and the second dilemma related to career planning and specifically prioritizing different job tasks. For each of the two dilemma rounds, panels of esteemed editors respectively mid-career faculty commented on the group discussions and provided their own points of view and experiences.

19 Ph.D. students and seven junior faculty members participated. The Ph.D. students were Ahmed Ashkanani (Purdue University, USA), Shirley-Ann Behravesh (Arizona State University, USA), Christian Blanco (University of California at Los Angeles, USA), Sangho Chae (Arizona State University, USA), Chia-Ching Chou (SUNY at Buffalo, USA), Henrik Franke (German Graduate School, Germany), Rick Hardcopf (University of Minnesota, USA), James Kuckles (City University London, UK), Yingchao Lan (Ohio State University, USA), Stanley Lim (Cambridge University, UK), Elnaz Mohabbattalab (Monash University, Australia), John Patrick Paraskevas (University of Maryland, USA), Alan Pritchard (University of Maryland, USA), Zhuang Qian (SUNY at Buffalo, USA), Tobias Mandt (University of Cologne, Germany), Zhexiong Tao (McGill University, Canada), Chenyong Xiao (University of Groningen, Netherlands), Weimu You (Aalto University, Finland) and Maryam Zomorrodi (RMIT University, Australia).

The junior faculty members were Florian Artinger (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Germany), Subhajit Chakraborty (Coastal Carolina University, USA), Scott  Duhadway (Portland State University, USA), Yoon Hee Kim (Georgia Southern University, USA), Guanyi Lu (Oregon State University, USA), Guangzhi Shang (Florida State University, USA), and Kevin Sweeney (Sam Houston State University, USA).

The OM Division Student Award Fund awarded three Ph.D. students with conference travel scholarships this year. Their consortium application packages appeared particularly innovative, complete, and best exemplified the strategic values and goals of the OM division. After a careful review, the awards were given out to Maryam Zomorrodi, Elnaz Mohabbattalab, and Chengyong Xiao. Congratulations!

A special thank you to the senior faculty member who facilitated the discussion at each of the round tables throughout the day. Our senior faculty mentors for 2016 consortium included Ken Boyer (Ohio State University, USA), Raffaella Cagliano (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), David Cantor (Iowa State University, USA), Hale Kaynak (University of Texas-Pan American, USA), Morgan Swink (Texas Christian University, USA), Zhaohui Wu (Oregon State University, USA), Melanie Pullman (Portland State University, USA), and Erik van Raaij (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands).

We also thank the panelists for the afternoon sessions for their support: Stephanie Eckerd (University of Tenessee, USA), Dan Guide (Penn State University, USA), Lisa Ellram (Miami University, USA), Tom Goldsby (Ohio State University, USA), and Fabrice Lumineau (Purdue University, USA).

For the next year, it may be good to know that the consortium will be held on Friday and not on Saturday. In this way, we want to enable consortium participants, mentor and panelists to attend some of the other division workshops as well, most of which are held on Saturday.

Those who are interested in becoming involved in next year’s Joint Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium are welcome to contact one of us.  We are always looking for interested and active students, junior faculty, mentors, and panelists. See you next year in Atlanta!


Finn Wynstra (Erasmus University Rotterdam. Netherlands – consortium coordinator 2016 & 2017)

Stephanie Eckerd (University of Tenessee, USA – consortium coordinator 2017 & 2018)

Dina Ribbink (University of Western Ontario, Canada – consortium coordinator 2015 & 2016 )