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Publication Opportunity (Edited Book Volumes)

  • 1.  Publication Opportunity (Edited Book Volumes)

    Posted 08-28-2023 09:08


    I am Editor-in-Chief of a new series of publications with one of the leading global scientific / research publishers. I have had good experience with this publisher with my own book volume.


    The topics that we want to cover are of great importance (see below). Because these topics are broad and multi-faceted, each one of them deserves detailed, comprehensive coverage-e.g., a 3-4 volume reference set. However, the publisher is open to suggestions and ideas about all aspects, including the coverage, the form of publication, etc.

    The topics are:

    1) Sustainable and Responsible Management: With increasing awareness of environmental and social issues, sustainable business practices, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environmental stewardship have become essential considerations for modern businesses.

    2) Digital Transformation: The rapid advancement of technology continues to reshape industries. Topics like digital strategy, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the impact of automation on the workforce are essential for understanding modern management.

    3) Innovation and Disruption: The ability to innovate and adapt to disruptions is crucial. Topics related to fostering innovation, managing disruptive technologies, and staying competitive in dynamic markets are likely to remain important.

    4) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Building diverse and inclusive workplaces has become a priority. Managing diverse teams, addressing unconscious bias, and creating inclusive organizational cultures are key focus areas.

    5) The Future of Work: The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote and flex work. Exploring the challenges and opportunities of remote and flex work, managing virtual teams, and maintaining productivity in a remote environment are relevant topics.

    6) Leadership in a VUCA World: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) are characteristics of the modern business landscape. Effective leadership in such an environment requires agility, adaptability, and strategic thinking.

    7) Ethical Decision-Making: With high-profile ethical dilemmas facing organizations, ethical decision-making frameworks and corporate governance are critical topics for management scholars.

    8) Human Capital and Talent Management: Attracting, developing, and retaining top talent are crucial for organizational success. Topics related to employee engagement, talent acquisition, and skill development remain relevant.

    9) Global Business and Geopolitics: Understanding the impact of geopolitical events on business, managing international operations, and navigating cross-cultural challenges are important for businesses operating in a globalized world.

    10) Health and Well-being at Work: Employee well-being, mental health support, and work-life balance have gained prominence. Topics related to creating a healthy work environment and supporting employees' holistic well-being are significant.

    If you published in one of these areas and are well connected with the wider community of other scholars, then please contact me directly ( We can then discuss conceptual details and the rest we will leave to the publisher to address directly with you. That way, you can discuss this opportunity with the publisher, including expectations (e.g., # of chapters/volume, timeline), your $$ compensation, target audience, etc.

    I've worked with this publisher before and he's flexible on the theme of the volumes, which should allow you to bring diverse scholars to this project. The publisher is also able to accommodate different time frames and deadlines. Finally, their compensation to an Editor of a multi-volume publication is generous for today's scientific / research publishers.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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