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New OSCM Division Leadership Opportunities

  • 1.  New OSCM Division Leadership Opportunities

    Posted 08-04-2022 21:26
    The OSCM division currently has multiple new leadership opportunities for members. As part of our strategic review we have made new plans to expand our division's impact, which opens up the following three volunteering positions for you:

    1. Ex-Officio Position: Division Secretary

    2. Specialty Role: Regional Membership Committee Ambassadors
    3. Specialty Role: Communications Specialists

    Via Volunteer Opportunities you can read more about the responsibilities for each position, the appointment process, and the application process. If you want to know more about what these positions entail and ask us any questions about them, please do join our division's Business Meeting on Saturday 6th of August, either online or at the Seattle Convention Center, room: Tacoma 1. See:

    We look forward to receiving your applications!

    Desiree Van Dun
    Assistant Professor
    University of Twente