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JOM Special Issue

  • 1.  JOM Special Issue

    Posted 08-15-2023 10:02

    Looking forward to seeing a wide range of submissions to Journal of Operations Management's Special Issue on Emerging Technologies in Healthcare (Submission Deadline March 31, 2024)

    Some possible topics for this SI include, but are not limited to: • The role of telemedicine and big data in healthcare and medical decision making • AI transparency and accountability in healthcare • Use of AI algorithms to predict people's risk of health conditions and provide personalized care • Leveraging big data to create value in healthcare operations • The impact of social technologies, such as live streaming and healthcare platforms, on healthcare operations and outcomes • Integration and coordination of health systems that incorporate multiple emerging technologies • Integrating multiple wearable devices (such as activity trackers) into a healthcare system • The use of virtual reality technology in clinical medicine, such as for surgical training, pain management, and therapeutic treatment of mental illness • The use of emerging technologies in healthcare, such as digital twins, genomics, and proteomics in predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine • Blockchain technology offers secure and transparent storage and sharing of healthcare data, with specific operational improvements in drug traceability • The use of robotic systems in various healthcare applications, such as rehabilitation, and elderly care

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