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Industry Studies Association Conference: June 13-15 2024 in Sacramento

  • 1.  Industry Studies Association Conference: June 13-15 2024 in Sacramento

    Posted 04-24-2024 15:06

    AoM OSCM Colleagues,


    I strongly encourage you to carefully consider attending the Industry Studies Association conference, to be held this year in Sacramento, June 13-15.


    The Industry Studies Association is an offshoot of the Sloan Foundation Studies that included the MIT Motor Vehicles group that produced The Machine that Changed the World, the UC-Berkeley semiconductor studies, and the Wharton banking studies, among others. Indeed, this year, one of the plenaries is UC Berkeley's Robert Leachman, who lead the Sloan Foundation Semiconductor Industry Study, discussing the past and future of the semiconductor industry.


    We have an amazing program, also including:

    • POM's own Charles Corbett of UCLA discussing sustainability and well-being, with Emiliana Simon-Thomas of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center. These kind of cross-disciplinary collaborations are one distinguishing characteristic of the Industry Studies Association
    • A session on generic drug resilience, which I will be moderating. It will include Stanford's Kevin Schulman (joint appointee at business and medical school) and two public health scholars: Karen Van Nuys of U. Southern California and Z. John Lu of UCLA. This kind of in-depth examination of a single industry, across disciplines, is another distinguishing characteristic of the Industry Studies Association.
    • Dozens of sessions with hundreds of papers diving deep into an industry and/or with policy implications.


    Connections made at this conference are part of the reason I was able to become a part-time consultant at the White House Executive Office of the President on pharmaceutical supply chains. The hallway conversations and discussions during sessions are second-to-none, due to the inter-disciplinary nature of the conference, the small size, the historical connections with Sloan studies, and the interesting and engaged attendees. We also have great excursions, including a Saturday afternoon wine country visit this year!


    For more information: . You can see a DRAFT 2024 program on a link from this page.

    For registration (you also need to join to register):


    Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.


    While I am not 100% certain I will attend AoM this year, I think I will be there. If I do, I hope to see you there. If not, I hope you will enjoy Chicago!




    John V. Gray

    Dean's Distinguished Professor, Department of Operations and Business Analytics


    Academic Director, Ph.D. programs, Fisher College of Business

    co-Academic Director, Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program, Fisher College of Business

    Vice President and President-Elect, Industry Studies Association

    Co-editor, Journal of Operations Management Special Issue on the Operations and Supply Chains of Pharmaceutical Products


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