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AOM Operation and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Europe Virtual Event

  • 1.  AOM Operation and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) Europe Virtual Event

    Posted 03-16-2023 19:51

    “Welcome to the OSCM Division: Navigating AoM (OSCM) activities & making the most out of it”

    The virtual seminar (via Zoom) will be taking place on 12th April 2023, 16:00-17:00 (BST)/ 17:00-18:00 (CEST)/ 11:00-12:00 (EDT)

    The AoM OSCM Europe team (Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen , Miriam Wilhelm and Jens Roehrich) is delighted to announce a virtual seminar. The broad goals of this informal session are:

    i)               to introduce the AoM OSCM Division structure and activities;

    ii)              to encourage participants to think ahead of their conference attendance to make the most of the various activities (e.g., presentations, PDWs, paper development, networking, socialising); and (last but not least)

    iii)            to connect with other OSCM scholars in Europe (and beyond).


    Please find below a provisional summary of this informal session (including enough time to ask questions and engage with presenters and participants):

    ·       00:00-05:00 mins: Welcome & Introduction (Anni-Kaisa, Miriam and Jens)

    ·       05:00-25:00: A brief introduction to the AoM OSCM Division and its key activities (by OSCM chair Stephanie Eckerd, Program Chair Veronica Villena, and PDW chair Anand Nair)

    ·       25:00-40:00: My AoM experience - Some tips for first time attendees to make the most of your conference visit (including conversations with early career researchers Katja Woelfl and Iryna Maliatsina)

    ·       40:00-55:00: Q&A with all speakers

    ·       55:00-60:00: Possible themes of interest for future virtual sessions and closing


    Registration link (Required):

    For queries please contact:

    Stephanie Eckerd
    Associate Professor
    University of Tennessee
    Knoxville TN