Conference 2017

Greetings all OSCM Division members! We have an exciting program, which includes professional development workshops, division plenary session, symposium, divisional and discussion paper sessions, sessions dedicated to journal issues, and a series of social events. Along with our PDW program (Friday and Saturday), we will run a scholarly program across Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

We are excited by all of our 2017 PDWs in the OSCM Division. The PDW focuses on professional developmental workshops around publishing in top-level management journals, doctoral student and junior faculty professional development, sustainability research in supply chain management, and data visualization.  The Causality and Journal Reviewing PDWs require pre-registration.  Please see the registration information below.

Some of the exciting program activities include:

  1. Causality: Inference, Explanation, and Prediction

Mikko Ketokivi, IE Business School

The question to be addressed in this PDW is: “When does X imply Y?” Further, when X and Y are not events but continuous variables, the question becomes “What is the magnitude of the effect of X on Y?” In this PDW, we address these questions by discussing the following topics:  Causal Inference, Causal Explanation, and Prediction; The Problem of Endogeneity: Toward Reasonable Criteria; Editors’ Panel.

Pre-registration is required for this session. To register online, please visit The deadline to register online is August 5, 2017.


  1. Crafting an Effective Journal Review

Barbara B Flynn, Indiana U.

This workshop focuses on understanding how to craft a written manuscript review that is professional, developmental, respectful of authors’ dignity and supportive of collegiality.

To register online, please visit Session approval code (required for preregistration):  PDWR5FWJ.  The deadline to register online is August 5, 2017.


  1. People, Planet, Profit: Emerging Research at the interface of Strategy and Supply Chain Management

Kevin Linderman, U. of Minnesota

Leading scholars share their insights on emerging research as it relates to people, planet and profit across the supply chain.


  1. OSCM Division Joint Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium

Finn Wynstra, Erasmus U. Rotterdam; Stephanie Eckerd, U. of Tennessee, Knoxville

The doctoral consortium focuses on doctoral students presenting their dissertation ideas. A faculty panel will provide feedback on each proposal. Junior faculty will discuss how they are extending their dissertation research.

If you are interested in participating in the Junior Faculty and Doctoral Consortium, please contact either Finn or Stephanie ( or


  1. Visualizing the Systematic Nature of Systems

Elliot Bendoly, The Ohio State U.

Our panel consists of management researchers with experience both in modern data visualization approaches and systems thinking. We will discuss recent efforts to develop flexible platforms for system visualization, as well as best practices.


During Sunday we have two discussion paper sessions, both featuring papers related to the conference-theme “At the Interface”. On Sunday we also have the OSCM Division Business meeting at 2:30pm as well as OSCM Division Social at 6:00pm. In between, at 4:15pm, Journal of Operations Management holds the JOM best paper session.


On Monday morning at 8:00am we will have OSCM Division Breakfast and Meet Journal Editors panel, followed by a Symposium on Implementing Change at 9:45am. Three of our Monday sessions will feature award finalists: Best Student Paper award finalists will present at 1:15 pm, Chan Hahn Best Paper award finalists will present at 3:00pm, and Best Paper in Supply Chain Management award finalists will present at 4:45pm. Our Division Plenary session, held at 11:30am on Monday, will comprise a discussion on “Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management: Research Avenues for Operations and Supply Chain Management”, by Dr. Linda Argote. We also run a series of divisional paper sessions on Monday, including topics such as Operations Strategy, Management of Projects and Project Portfolios, and Supply Chain Disruptions. Monday concludes with recognition of the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Best Paper in Supply Chain Management award and reception at 6:15pm.


Tuesday continues with another full day of paper sessions showcasing the work in topics such as Sustainable Operations and Supply Chains, Contemporary Research on Operations Strategy and Service Operations.


For a complete overview of the program, and to download conference papers, please visit: To see only OSCM Division papers and sessions, browse “By Division, Interest Group, or Sponsor” and select OSCM.


We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!


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