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Listen to the Editors - October episode

  • 1.  Listen to the Editors - October episode

    Posted 10-17-2020 13:02
    Dear members,

    I am posting today the October episode for Listen to the Editors. It is available immediately on Apple Podcasts and Podcast Addict. Tomorrow it will be available on Spotify as well.

    I deeply apologize for the hiatus and the delay in posting this episode. I have two reasons for that. First, the host, producer, and audio engineer for the podcast is struggling to keep up because of the additional work required by switching his classes to the online mode (he teaches during the day and researches late nights for a living). Second, I was not able to control the audio recording this time. The audio sources had different levels, echo, background noise, and all fun stuff that made the editing so challenging this time.

    Despite these problems, I believe our listeners will enjoy the program. The editors discuss the reviewers' role and ethical problems, and I learned how to read the letter more carefully from the editors based on a response from @Barbara Flynn.

    Let me know if you have any recommendations for future episodes.

    Best regards,


    Iuri Gavronski
    Associate Professor
    UNISINOS Jesuit University