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Industry Studies Association Virtual Conference: June 3-4

  • 1.  Industry Studies Association Virtual Conference: June 3-4

    Posted 05-19-2021 10:09
    OSCM Colleagues,

    Allow me to encourage you to sign up for the Industry Studies Association Virtual Conference.

    I am the acting conference chair this year (two years before I was supposed to be conference chair), as our original chair Liz Reynolds was appointed as special assistant to President Biden on manufacturing and economic development; she is leading the implementation of the supply chain executive order. The Industry Studies Association is an offshoot to Sloan Foundation's Industry Studies; there are often people doing research with direct links to policy.

    I am organizing the drug supply chain resilience session on Friday, which you can see if you click on the conference program link (or the June 4 highlights) below.

    2021 Industry Studies Association (ISA)
    Annual Conference

    June 2 - 4, 2021 Virtually

    Theme: "Work of the Future Redux: Technology, Innovation, Policy"

    The Industry Studies Association's (ISA) 2021 virtual conference is fast approaching and it's time to register! Join us for the main conference on June 3-4 where our theme is "Work of the Future Redux: Technology, Innovation, Policy".  Our Professional Development Workshop (PDW) for junior faculty and Ph.D. students is on June 2.

    The Industry Studies Association builds on the legacy of the Sloan Foundation's Industry Studies Program. We are scholars who are committed to learning about the industry context – the firms, the markets, the institutions, the laws and policies – surrounding the phenomena we study and the theoretical questions we seek to answer.  While ISA members share this commitment, we come from a wide variety of disciplines such as management, economics, engineering, operations research, industrial and labor relations, law, economic geography, and public policy.  Our conference brings together leading scholars from these disciplines presenting their latest research on important and timely topics.

    Indeed, ISA research can often inform policy. Elisabeth Reynolds was our 2021 conference committee chair until she stepped down April 1st to become the Special Assistant to the President for Manufacturing and Economic Development at the National Economic Council. Susan Helper, a founding board member, is now Senior Economist of the White House Council of Economic Advisors.

    ISA's conference will be run on an innovative platform that provides many different ways to interact with speakers and fellow attendees as well as state-of-the-art virtual conference features. Register now to join us for fascinating conversations with industry studies scholars from around the world and the chance to meet the people whose research is directly affecting how managers, technologists, and policy makers think about the most important issues of our times.

     Visit our website:

    View the Conference Program:

    Conference Highlights and Registration

    Highlights | June 3, 2021
    Highlights | June 4, 2021
    2021 ISA Conference Registration

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