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JMS New Issue Volume 58 Issue 3

  • 1.  JMS New Issue Volume 58 Issue 3

    Posted 05-04-2021 05:30

    Journal of Management Studies – New Issue Out Now

    Volume 58, Issue 3


    Original Articles


    Challenges and Best‐practice Recommendations for Designing and Conducting Interviews with Elite Informants

    Angelo M. Solarino, Herman Aguinis


    The Millennial 'Meh': Correlated Groups as Collective Agents in the Automobile Field

    1. Wren Montgomery, Kimberly S. Wolske, Thomas P. Lyon


    Hybrid Context, Management Practices and Organizational Performance: A Configurational Approach

    Leroy White, Andy Lockett, Graeme Currie, James Hayton


    Legitimacy Revisited: Disentangling Propriety, Validity, and Consensus

    Patrick Haack, Oliver Schilke, Lynne Zucker


    Stakeholder Agency Relationships: CEO Stock Options and Corporate Tax Avoidance

    Leon Zolotoy, Don O'Sullivan, Geoffrey P. Martin, Robert M. Wiseman


    The Role of Substantive Actions in Sensemaking During Strategic Change

    Ann‐Kristin Weiser


    Setting the Tone for the Team: A Multi‐Level Analysis of Managerial Control, Peer Control, and their Consequences for Job Satisfaction and Team Performance

    Jorge Walter, Markus Kreutzer, Karin Kreutzer



    The Future of the Corporation

    Gerardo Patriotta


    The Future of the Corporation and the Economics of Purpose

    Colin Mayer


    Corporate Purpose Needs Democracy

    Gerald F. Davis


    JMS Says

    The Mobilization of Noncooperative Spaces: Reflections from Rohingya Refugee Camps

    Rashedur Chowdhury

    Joanne Cheseldine
    Journal of Managment Studies