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Teaching OSCM online

  • 1.  Teaching OSCM online

    Posted 03-23-2020 08:42

    Dear OSCM members,

    I hope you are doing well given the current challenging conditions.

    Given that for the time being most of our education will have to go online, I am wondering how you teach OSCM in an online format? What exercises, assignments, or platforms are you planning to use (or have you used) to teach topics like lean and agile manufacturing/management, behavioral operations, or supply chain management? How do you use the operational challenges we face due to the SARS-COV-2 outbreak as an example or case, of course respecting the severity of the situation?

    I thought it would be nice to use this platform to share experiences among our OSCM community.

    At my university we are using BlueJeans for (small) video conferences and BigBlueButton for larger-scale interactive lectures that also include small group discussions in virtual breakout rooms. I have been able to convert all my face-to-face classes to such video means, including next Wednesday's student's group pitches for a university department manager for whom they are solving an operational case regarding the teaching resources at our university.

    Best regards,

    Desirée van Dun
    Assistant Professor
    University of Twente, the Netherlands

  • 2.  RE: Teaching OSCM online

    Posted 04-03-2020 14:44
    Hi Desireé,
    Sorry! I just saw your message today.
    I record my lectures using OBS Studio (which is a free software that allows you to record screen, audio, and webcam at the same time). I post them to a video streaming platform (in fact, YouTube, so my university servers do not crumble streaming HD videos). I then set virtual meetings with the students during the class time where we discuss the assignments and I try to answer their questions. These meetings are conducted with Microsoft Teams.
    I then have assignments. So far I have posted SCM problems that they respond using either Word or Excel and post to a Moodle activity.
    I still miss conducting something else than lectures. I normally use games in class to illustrate SCM problems, but I am not sure how to conduct them online.
    Best regards,

    Iuri Gavronski
    Associate Professor
    UNISINOS Jesuit University

  • 3.  RE: Teaching OSCM online

    Posted 04-06-2020 03:28
    Hi Desirée

    Thanks for starting this thread. I normally run my subjects using a blended format and following the flipped classroom model. As such, I use online activities (or e-tivities) as prep work for each session. I think we can still use things like case studies, video cases, external virtual conferences, webinars (from professional associations like CIPS, CILT, CSCMP, ASCM and the like), recorded interviews, and live guest talks as ways to deliver our contents and engage with wider stakeholders in a virtual setting.

    Further, the use of free web-based tools for team projects is really useful. For example, I suggest students use Google products (site, drive, youtube, docs, sheets, slides and the like) for coordinating team activities and producing deliverables.

    For sessions, meetings, and consultations, we use Zoom. For presentations, if its a team presentation, I get students to record and submit to our learning management system, if its individual, I prefer live and short sessions (following the Three Minute Thesis style).

    Yes, its difficult to coordinate and implement online games/role plays however I think we can think and design replacement activities and if you have access to resources like Harvard Business Publishing Education we can integrate their online simulation platforms for topics like innovation, inventory decisions, supply network design and the like.

    The other useful resource is UN PRME's PRiMEtime ( which shares best practices in learning and teaching focused on addressing SDGs from its diverse range of members. Their recent post is about How Business Schools are responding to COVID-19 – examples from the PRME community.

    I hope the above is of some use to our OSCM community.

    Sajad Fayezi
    Associate Professor
    La Trobe University
    Melbourne, Australia

  • 4.  RE: Teaching OSCM online

    Posted 04-08-2020 09:43
    Hi Desireé

    I hope you are well and staying safe!

    We have been curating a list of relevant resources to support faculty in moving to teaching cases online quickly. The list is updated with new resources as colleagues around the globe produce them. You can see the resources here, and I really hope you find them useful.

    We also have produced a couple of free webinars on the very same topic which can be found here

    Best regards

    Hazel Walker
    The Case Centre