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Journal of Management Studies - New Thematic Collections

  • 1.  Journal of Management Studies - New Thematic Collections

    Posted 11-09-2021 11:13

    The Journal of Management Studies would like to announce its latest feature, the "JMS Thematic Collections" that offer concise overviews of influential research published in the Journal of Management Studies on a common topic.


    Our Thematic Collections are meant to help authors get acquainted with key contributions to important conversations going on the Journal of Management Studies, bring clarity by synthesizing and integrating previous research, and highlight potential avenues for promising future research.


    We kickstart this series with a thematic collection on Corporate Social Responsibility and an introduction to it written by our editor Christopher Wickert. CSR research in JMS has developed substantively over the past 15 and has experienced a fundamental shift from business-centric to society-centric analysis of the role of business in society. The introduction to the thematic collection on CSR concludes with an outline of three important areas of CSR research.


    The introduction is available open access here.


    The full thematic collection on CSR can be accessed here.

    Joanne Cheseldine
    Journal of Managment Studies