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Virtual Conference of the Industry Studies Association, June 4-5 2020

  • 1.  Virtual Conference of the Industry Studies Association, June 4-5 2020

    Posted 05-28-2020 17:21

    Join Us for ISA's Virtual Conference! 
    June 4-5, 2020; 11-2:30ET both days

    Join us in next weeks for the 2020 Industry Studies Association Virtual Conference, from wherever you'll be! This year's conference, which will will be held via Zoom on June 4th and 5th, 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM ET each day, will feature a series of thought-provoking sessions featuring excellent speakers. See below and click here for the full program.

    The conference includes:

    • Panel discussion on the Work of the Future in the age of COVID-19 by members of MIT's Task Force: Eric Brynjolfsson (MIT), Susan Helper (Case Western), Thomas Kochan (MIT) and David Mindell (MIT).
    • Best-selling Bottle of Lies book author Katherine Eban and Sandoz CEO Richard Saynor discussing noncompliance in the global pharmaceutical industry, and how COVID-19 may complicate a move towards the widespread adoption of global norms;
    • Award-winning Ghost Work book author Mary Gray discussing the invisible labor that supports the AI-powered technology platforms we use every day, including implications for these workers and their working conditions and potential policy responses;
    • 20% off list price on Bottle of Lies and Ghost Work, free shipping, and an autographed bookplate - limited supply
    • A pair of high level U.S. Senate staff members – working on both sides of the aisle (for Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer) -- discussing whether America needs an Industrial Policy, particularly in light of COVID-19;
    • A panel of Industry Studies scholars discussing the impact of COVID-19 on various industries;
    • A session honoring this year's ISA award winners; and
    • Parallel sessions of Industry Studies research presentations

    Registration has purposefully been set to encourage and enable all of you to join us:

    • $20 for association members,
    • $55 for non-members
    • free for all students, members or not

    Register soon -- the conference is just two weeks away. Registrants will receive access to the conference attendee area where all the Zoom sessions will be held. We look forward to zooming with you on June 4-5! 

    We have redesigned the conference not only to provide a forum for discussion of recent events' effects on varied industries but also showcase the wonderful research that industry studies scholars are producing on a range of topics.

    Please join us and discover the wonderful intellectual and social community of multi-disciplinary, phenomena-driven scholars at the heart of ISA.

    All best wishes,

    John Paul MacDuffie
    President, ISA

    Register for the Conference Here

    Full Conference Program Here

    Contact Info:
    PO Box 1647
    Pullman, WA 99163

    Benn Lawson
    University of Cambridge