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JMS New Issue Volume 58 Issue 2

  • 1.  JMS New Issue Volume 58 Issue 2

    Posted 02-26-2021 11:27

    Journal of Management Studies – New Issue Out Now

    Volume 58, Issue 2


    Original Articles

    Management Research that Makes a Difference: Broadening the Meaning of Impact

    Christopher Wickert, Corinne Post, Jonathan P. Doh, John E. Prescott, Andrea Prencipe


    Rallying the Troops and Defending against Sanctions: A Government Body Breaking Decision‐Making Rules to Fund Entrepreneurial Ventures

    Dean A. Shepherd, Jeaneth Johansson, Malin Malmström, Joakim Wincent


    The Process Affordances of Strategy Toolmaking when Addressing Wicked Problems

    Gary T. Burke, Carola Wolf


    When Three's (Good) Company: Third‐Party Friendships on Cooperation across Departments

    Sze‐Sze Wong, Wai Fong Boh, Anne Wu


    The Direct and Moderating Effects of Endogenous Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Valuation: Theoretical and Empirical Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis

    Sean T. Hannah, Naz Sayari, Frederick H. deB. Harris, Carol L. Cain


    Political CSR at the Coalface – The Roles and Contradictions of Multinational Corporations in Developing Workplace Dialogue

    Juliane Reinecke, Jimmy Donaghey


    Meanings of Theory: Clarifying Theory through Typification

    Jörgen Sandberg, Mats Alvesson



    Free Access

    The Business Model Phenomenon: Towards Theoretical Relevance

    John E. Prescott, Igor Filatotchev


    Free Access

    What can Strategy Learn from the Business Model Approach?

    Lyda S. Bigelow, Jay B. Barney


    Open Access

    A Business Model View of Strategy

    Gianvito Lanzolla, Constantinos Markides


    JMS Say

    Open Access

    High Flying Business Schools: Working Together to Address the Impact of Management Education and Research on Climate Change

    Michael J. Gill

    Joanne Cheseldine
    Journal of Managment Studies