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JMS essay series on Covid-19 and implications for management research

  • 1.  JMS essay series on Covid-19 and implications for management research

    Posted 09-24-2020 03:20

    The Journal of Management Studies is publishing a series of thought-provoking commentaries in which leading scholars from our field sketch how COVID-19 will impact the future of management research. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic confronting the world with a rapid, unexpected and far reaching global crisis, each essay in this series is examining how our established assumptions, concepts and questions in management studies will require revisiting and rethinking.

    Stay tuned for the 2nd part of the series coming soon.

    Introduction to COVID‐19 Commentaries

    Daniel Muzio, Jonathan Doh


    COVID‐19 and the future of family business research

    Alfredo De Massis, Emanuela Rondi


    The Implications of COVID‐19 for Nonmarket Strategy Research

    Thomas C. Lawton, Sinziana Dorobantu, Tazeeb S. Rajwani, Pei Sun


    Organizational Culture and COVID‐19

    André Spicer

    Organizational Culture and COVID‐19

    Movements, Societal Crisis, and Organizational Theory

    Brayden G King, Edward J. Carberry

    Lessons from the Losing: Implications of the COVID‐19 Pandemic for Organizational Diversity Scholarship and Practice

    Derek R. Avery

    COVID 19 and entrepreneurship: Time to pivot?

    Dean A. Shepherd

    What has changed? The Impact of Covid Pandemic on the Technology and Innovation Management Research Agenda

    Gerard George, Karim R. Lakhani, Phanish Puranam

    Learning theory: The pandemic research challenge

    Henrich R. Greve

    Identity and identification during and after the pandemic: How might COVID‐19 change the research questions we ask?

    Blake E. Ashforth

    Implications of the COVID‐19 Pandemic for Gender Equity Issues at Work

    Frances J. Milliken,  Madeline K. Kneeland, Elinor Flynn

    Global value chains in the post‐COVID world: Governance for reliability

    Liena Kano,  Chang Hoon Oh   


    Link to all current commentaries here:

    Joanne Cheseldine
    Journal of Managment Studies