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Invitation to Global Open Forum on Covid-10 and Supply Chain - April 16

  • 1.  Invitation to Global Open Forum on Covid-10 and Supply Chain - April 16

    Posted 04-07-2020 10:33

    Dear colleagues,

    Most attention to date regarding COVID-19 has justifiably focused on the public health dimensions of the pandemic, which have already been dire in a number of countries and are likely to become more challenging as it continues its march around the world. We extend our deepest sympathy to colleagues on the frontlines of the outbreak, to people who have suffered losses, and to everyone subjected to profound disruption.

     However, if we look a little further down the road, there might be an emerging window of opportunity to better understand the fragility of our supply chains and what we might do to enhance resiliency. We would like to invite you to participate in a global virtual open forum discussion entitled "An Action Agenda for Effective Post-COVID-19 Supply Chains".

     When: April 16th, Thursday, 2020 (60-120 minutes)






    New York

    San Francisco

    21:00 (9pm)

    20:00 (8pm)

    14:00 (2pm)

    13:00 (1pm)

    8:00 (8am)

    5:00 (5am)


     RSVP here:

     You can input a question or topic that is of particular interest to you.

     As the COVID-19 pandemic touches every aspect of modern society, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the slowdowns and shutdowns may inadvertently enable us to shape a new conception of supply chains. This open forum will start to generate ideas around supply chain processes and open up discussions in the areas of:

     Best supply chain practices in response to COVID-19

    • Supply chain structure and design post COVID-19
    • Supply chain technology to address COVID-19 like concerns
    • Supply chain finance for a post-COVID-19 supply chain
    • Human resource/people concerns during and post COVID-19 – humanitarian and ethical concerns.

     We would love to hear your perspectives.  There will be three short presentations to start the discussion and then it will be open for your ideas and questions.  You will be able to post questions and comments in advance of the forum for discussion.  We will also invite comments during the discussion as the forum proceeds.  The intent is to prepare an action agenda and have academics and practitioners engage in dialogue that will help us to operate under current constraints and better design our supply chains for effective post-COVID-19 recovery.

    Hope to see you online.  Those who RSVP will receive more information as the forum nears, including the Zoom link to access.

     Barb Flynn

    Lisa Ellram, Barb Flynn, Christine Harland, Gyöngyi Kovács, Joe Sarkis and Wendy Tate


    Barbara Flynn
    Indiana University
    Indianapolis IN
    (317) 650-7258