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How to Develop and Publish Mixed Methods Research in Management" Early Scholars Workshop - Sponsored by Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS)

  • 1.  How to Develop and Publish Mixed Methods Research in Management" Early Scholars Workshop - Sponsored by Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS)

    Posted 05-24-2021 09:51
    "How to Develop and Publish Mixed Methods Research in Management"
    Early Scholars Workshop - Sponsored  by Society for the Advancement of Management Studies (SAMS)

    8-9 September 2021

    Rationale and Objectives
    Mixed methods research contributes to the production of solid, robust, and high-quality management
    research. The importance of mixing methods in management is witnessed by the increasing number of
    mixed methods articles published in top management journals. All research methods and strategies,
    when used independently, are characterized by imperfections to some extent. The adoption of multiple
    methods tends to reduce these imperfections that each individual method generates. Management
    scholars can also gain more insight for a theory or develop more complete understandings of a given
    phenomenon through the use of multiple methods. The objectives of this workshop are therefore i) to
    provide guidance to early career management scholars who are interested in conducting mixed method
    research and ii) to help them to publish their mixed method research in top management journals.

    Target Group and Eligibility
    This workshop is aimed at bringing together a limited number of PhD students, postdoctoral
    researchers, and novice faculty members who are interested in learning how to develop and publish their
    mixed methods research. PhD students are eligible provided that they have already completed a
    substantial part of their dissertation project. The workshop invites research that draws from a broad
    range of theoretical and methodological approaches. It is open to scholars who are developing research
    in the fields of organization and management theory, strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship,
    organizational behavior, human resource management, international management, or public
    management. The maximum capacity of the workshop is 20 participants, who will be selected based on
    the suitability of topics, methodology, and CV.

    Workshop Format and Structure

    The workshop will be structured in three parts:
    1. Lecture sessions on mixed methods research. The workshop will introduce the basic building
    blocks for mixed and merged methods research and then will proceed by examining how to
    combine different research strategies and multiple data sources (e.g., case studies, experiments,
    interviews, surveys). Participants will learn how to develop a solid research design framework for
    mixed methods research coherent with their research questions. Experienced scholars from
    different fields will offer insights on how to best combine a given research method with other
    methods along with the related triangulation techniques. More details are available in the
    tentative schedule included at the end of the document.

    2. Meet-the-editors session: Participants will examine the publication process for mixed methods
    research together with the editors of top management journals, in order to learn from cases of
    success and failure in preparing, writing, and submitting papers for publication in such journals.

    3. Paper/proposal development session. All participants will have the opportunity to present a
    research project paper during the workshop. One-to-one meetings with faculty members who
    work in the respective area of scholarly inquiry will be organized to discuss earlier-stage or laterstage
    work (15 minutes for presentation + 10 minutes for feedback from discussants). Essays and
    papers to be discussed will be distributed electronically prior to the workshop.

    Lecture sessions
    • Prof. Manfred Max Bergman, University of Basel, Switzerland
    • Prof. Giampietro Gobo, University of Milan, Italy
    • Prof. Jason Seawright, Northwestern University, USA
    Meet-the-editors session
    • Prof. Stefano Brusoni, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Organization Science – Associate Editor)
    • Prof. Tine Koehler, The University of Melbourne, Australia (Organizational Research Methods –
    Associate Editor)
    • Prof. Tomi Laamanen, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (Long Range Planning – Editor-in-
    • Prof. Christopher Wickert, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Journal of
    Management Studies – Associate Editor)

    Application Process

    Applications should be sent by email to the program coordinators by 06 June 2021. Each application
    should include a (2-page maximum) letter of interest and a current CV. The letter of interest should
    summarize the main research interests of applicants and why mixed methods research is important for
    their research project. Applicants will receive their notification of acceptance no later than July 02, 2021.
    Selected participants will have the opportunity to discuss a research project paper during the workshop,
    in the form of either an extended essay (max. 4,000 words) or a full paper (max. 8,000 words). This must
    be sent by September 1, 2021 for distribution to the discussants.

    Program and Fees
    The workshop is scheduled on September 8 and 9. As the COVID crisis continues, all sessions of the
    workshop will be virtual. There are no workshop fees for accepted participants. All expenses for the
    organization of the workshop will be covered by Luiss University and SAMS.

    Program Coordinators
    Lakshmi Balachandran Nair ( & Daniele Mascia ( in the
    Department of Business and Management at Luiss University.

    Further details here: Call for application - How to Develop and Publish Mixed Methods Research in Management

    Joanne Cheseldine
    Journal of Managment Studies