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Call for New Co-Editors for The Journal of Supply Chain Management

  • 1.  Call for New Co-Editors for The Journal of Supply Chain Management

    Posted 11-22-2019 09:49


    Call for New Co-Editors for The Journal of Supply Chain Management

    The Journal of Supply Chain Management is seeking two new Co-Editor-in-Chiefs. This call reflects the end of term for Co-Editor Brian Fugate (ending July 2020) and Barbara Flynn (ending July 2021). The New Co-Editors will be appointed for a 3-year (renewable) term and one or both Co-Editors will assume duties in July 2020. He/she will work with continuing Co-Editor Mark Pagell.

    The Journal of Supply Chain Management has been at the forefront of supply chain thought and practice for 55 years.  Research published in JSCM was instrumental in creating an integrated view of formerly siloed processes and The Journal has long been leading practice in areas such as sustainability, transparency and risk management.  Research published in JSCM extends or tests existing theoretical bases in supply management or contributes to theory building in supply chain management; uses rigorous empirical methodologies and analyses; and clarifies and enhances the understanding of the role of various aspects of supply chain management in the global competitiveness of organizations. The Journal also places a great deal of emphasis on providing developmental reviews. All of the above contribute to JSCM's current impact factor of 7.125 (11/217 in management).

     Applicants must have the following attributes:

    1. Recognized globally for their supply chain management scholarship.
    1. Able to commit 1-2 days a week to JSCM.
    2. A team player who is capable of communicating with the entire JSCM community.
    1. Prepared to contribute to the success of JSCM through attendance at conferences, editorial meetings and representing JSCM at events and to institutions.
    2. Empirical methodological expertise in quantitative and/or qualitative methods.
    1. Previous experience as editor, associate editor or the equivalent.
    2. Willing to commit to JSCM's conflict of interest code which includes not publishing in JSCM during the term as Co-Editor and erring on the side of caution when handling potential conflicts of interest.

     Preference will be given to applicants with the following attributes: 

    1. Have previously published in JSCM or served as an associate editor or member of the editorial review board.
    2. Can provide administrative support.
    3. Have an expertise in logistics or the customer facing component of the supply chain (one of the two vacancies).

    Please note while this role does not provide renumeration, JSCM does have some funds to cover co-editors' extra travel requirements.

    Applications and nominations will be taken until March 15, 2020.

     To nominate a person to be Co-Editor please send a brief note to the search committee detailing why you are nominating this person, their CV, and contact information. The search committee will request complete applications from those nominations that best fit JSCM's criteria.

    To apply yourself please send the following to the search committee:

    1. A brief statement outlining why you are applying and how you could contribute to the success of JSCM.
    2. A copy of your CV.
    3. A draft proposal for a future Emerging Discourse Incubator in the Journal.

    The JSCM Co-Editor search committee will review applications starting on March 15, 2020. The committee is made up of previous editors of JSCM and present associate editors. The committee is co-chaired by Lisa Ellram and Christine Harland who will accept applications and answer queries.


    Lisa Ellram:


    Christine Harland: 


    Mark Pagell
    University College Dublin
    353 17168851