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Post-doc Opening in in Social Impact Supply Chain Management - ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain)

  • 1.  Post-doc Opening in in Social Impact Supply Chain Management - ESADE Business School (Barcelona, Spain)

    Posted 08-04-2021 12:11
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    Post-doc in Social Impact Supply Chain Management: Fighting modern slavery in food supply chains through transparency

    Call for applicants

    The BuNeD research group at ESADE

    ESADE Business School offers a rigorous and international academic environment for research operating in three campuses: Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès (near Barcelona) and Madrid. The school is home to faculty and students from all around the globe and is one of the leading business schools in the world according to international rankings. Our school's official mission is "to educate highly-professional individuals aware of their responsibilities as national and global citizens, sensitive to issues of solidarity and social justice and keen to engage in collective projects."

    The Business Network Dynamics (BuNeD) research group at ESADE develops and shares knowledge about how networks of organizations interact to exchange goods and knowledge to deliver value to final customers. The main research streams are:

    • Sustainable operations management
    • The extension of sustainable practices to supply chain networks
    • Digital structure and infrastructure sustainability

    The BuNeD brings together different areas of expertise at ESADE, as it is a multi-disciplinary group of researchers from the fields of operations and supply chain management, information technology and quantitative methods (

    The Post-doc position

    The BuNeD research group at ESADE is seeking applications for one post-doc to be hired from September 2021 to August 2022. After this period there will be the possibility to further extend the contract up to one additional year.

    This is a one-year Full-time time position 37.55 working hours/week with an annual gross salary of €30,000 pro rata.

    The research project

    The Post-doc will be involved in a project analysing how to build transparency on working conditions in food supply chains. Specifically, we will identify structural, cognitive and relational mechanisms along supply chains to incentive workers and farmers to provide transparency to fight modern slavery. Based on these results, we aim to set guidelines to develop ethical supply chains protecting vulnerable workers. We will share our results in academic publications and present them to interested stakeholders in the supply chains (e.g., workers, farmers, retailers, unions and NGOs).


    Given the cross-disciplinary nature of the project, we are looking for a Post-doc experienced in ethical issues and labor relations and supply chain management to complement our expertise. The Post-doc researcher will be responsible for:

    • Reviewing the academic literature on modern slavery;
    • Identifying four supply chains in which collective actions for generating transparency on working conditions have been promoted by workers and farmers (for convenience Italy and Spain have been considered as possible countries to focus on but other countries can be included);
    • Collecting primary and secondary data about each supply chain;
    • Conducting a network analysis to map the supply chain structure (i.e., actors in each stage of the supply chain (worker, farmer, distributor, retailers) and connections between them) to measure structural mechanisms;
    • Analysing qualitative data to investigate cognitive and relational mechanisms and how the social network contributed to foster participation.


    Eligibility Criteria

    The candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Academic qualifications: PhD degree in economics, management, sociology, psychology, or a related field.
    • Language skills: English: Excellent


    How to Apply

    Interested candidates should contact Dr Longoni before 20th August 2021 sending their cv, a motivation letter and a sample of scholarly work:

    Dr Annachiara Longoni, Associate Professor in the Department of Operations, Innovation and Data Sciences and Director of the BuNeD research group at ESADE Business School



    Funding Notes

    This is a full-time programme taking place in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) (Spain). Funding includes funding for conference attendance and travels for research meetings.

    During the one-year Post-doc there is the possibility to collaborate to teaching activities at ESADE.

    Annachiara Longoni
    ESADE Business School, Barcelona (Spain)