Volunteer Opportunities

The OSCM division currently has multiple new leadership opportunities for members. As part of our strategic review we have made new plans to expand our division's impact, which opens up the following three volunteering positions for you. Below you can read more about the responsibilities for each position, the appointment process, and the application process.

Ex-Officio Position: Division Secretary

The Secretary shall:

  1. Take minutes of the Division meetings and report these minutes to the Executive Committee.
  2. Assist the Division Chair in setting up and conducting Executive Committee meetings and taking minutes at Executive Committee meetings.
  3. Provide support to the Program Chair with preparing certificates, ordering plaques, and coordinating other logistics associated with the Division’s annual research and service awards.
  4. Be responsible for maintenance of Division files and records.
  5. Perform such duties as may be assigned by the Division Chair.


Specialty Role: Regional Membership Committee Ambassadors Asia, Australia, South America and Africa

As part of the Membership Committee, the Regional Membership Committee Ambassadors shall:

  1. Host one content-driven virtual OSCM event per year in their region to attract more international members.
  2. Develop a detailed plan for such virtual events in 2023, with a target to begin executing on these events in 2024.
  3. Strengthen ties with regional Associations and our established partners, such as JSCM and JOM, who are already holding such virtual events (i.e., advertise such events, help in providing content).
  4. Organize a face-to-face OSCM Division new members event during the annual AOM conference.

Specialty Role: Communications Specialists- LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

In concordance with the Communications Coordinator, the Communication Specialists shall:

  1. Develop a detailed communication plan in 2023 to increase communication and interaction with our OSCM members throughout the year, with ramp-up of activities anticipated for 2024, 2025.
  2. Identify potential (social) media channels to consolidate and expand our outreach (in addition to Connect@AOM and Twitter).
  3. Execute the communication plan. For instance by:
    • Creating relevant and engaging content and distributing this through the different channels.
    • Creating new Listen to the Editors podcasts – or hosting live Listen to the Editors sessions throughout the year (may also connect to the regional virtual events that will be organized from 2023/2024 onwards).
    • Sending more direct member emails via Informz platform from our executive team.


    Ex Officio and Specialty Role positions are appointed and not elected positions. Appointments are made by the Nominating Committee chaired by the Past Division Chair.  Appointments to Ex Officio and Specialty Role positions are for an initial three-year term renewable once for a maximum total term of six years.


    Application Process:

    To apply, please send your CV and a brief statement of interest with the position title to Stephanie Eckerd at seckerd@utk.edu. Applications are due by January 6th, 2023.