The Operations and Supply Chain Management Division focuses on the management of the processes that create and deliver products or services. In products, this consideration spans from raw material extraction to the end consumer. In services, this consideration includes all aspects of service delivery. Our tent includes product and service design, as well as the structure of the relevant supply chain.   These processes are found in all organizations including profit and non-profit organizations. Conceptual, empirical, and methodological contributions are encouraged, as are cross-functional linkages and perspectives. The Academy of management provides tremendous opportunities for these cross-functional linkages with the presence of many Division and Interest Groups which study overlapping problems and employ the same or similar theories.

Elected Committee Members

Manpreet HoraDivision Chair (2018)
Manpreet Hora

Manpreet Singh Hora is an Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and his research examines managerial decision-making in mitigating losses and enhancing firm performance in supply chain management. Dr. Hora has published in journals such as Management Science, Journal of Operations Management (JOM) and Production and Operations Management (POM). His research awards include the Chan Hahn Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management and his work has been covered by NPR, CNN Money and Bloomberg BusinessWeek. He serves as a Senior Editor for the POM journal and an Associate Editor for JOM. He received his PhD from University of Western Ontario (Canada), MBA from Griffith University (Australia) and is a CFA charterholder from the CFA Institute. Prior to obtaining his PhD, he worked for seven years in at Deutsche Bank. Contact:

Virpi TurkulainenDivision Chair Elect and Sponsorship (2018)
Virpi Turkulainen

Dr. Virpi Turkulainen is an Associate Professor in Management at University College Dublin, School of Business. Prior to that she worked as Fulbright Scholar at Stanford University and Academy of Finland post-doctoral fellow at Aalto University in Finland. Her research interests are in areas of organization design, organizational integration, and operations strategy. She has published, for example, in Journal of Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, Industrial Marketing Management, and Project Management Journal. Contact:

Dave CantorProgram Chair (2018)
David E. Cantor (Dave)

Dave is an Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management in the College of Business at Iowa State University. He also holds the Walker Professorship in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  He obtained his PhD from the University of Maryland.  Dave’s research is focused on transportation safety, environmental management, and behavioral operations management.  His research on these topics has been published in many academic outlets including the Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Business Logistics, Decision Sciences, Journal of Supply Chain Management.  He is an Associate Editor at Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Transportation Journal, and Transportation Research Part E.  He is a previous recipient of the best paper awards at the Journal of Operations Management and Transportation Journal. Contact:

Rachna Shah

PDW Chair (2018)

Rachna Shah

Dr. Rachna Shah is an Associate Professor in Supply Chain and Operations Department at Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. She is globally recognized for her research in lean operations both in manufacturing and service industries, and has published in leading operations management journals including Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, and Journal of Operations Management. She has been recognized with a number of awards, including the prestigious “Shingo Award for Excellence in Research” and the “Wickham Skinner Early Career Research Accomplishment Award”. Her current research leverages her knowledge of lean and waste-eliminating, problem-solving culture in identifying effectiveness of inspections and causes of quality failures, in automotive, medical device and pharmaceutical industries, and healthcare delivery in hospitals and nursing homes. Her research on product recalls is being used by the Federal Drug Administration and Fortune 500 companies to redesign the production and recall processes. Rachna serves as the senior editor in two departments for the POM journal and as the department editor for the Decision Science Journal. She also serves in leadership roles in several professional societies. She recently received Fulbright Scholarship for a three year term (2017-2020). Rachna received her PhD and MBA/MHA from The Ohio State University.  Contact:

John GrayPast Division Chair (2018)
John Gray

John Gray (PhD, University of North Carolina) is an Associate Professor in the Management Sciences Department at Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business. His research considers hidden costs and challenges in managing operations across organizational and geographic boundaries, with a focus on quality. He has also studied the related problem of maintaining quality performance over time. He is recently expanding consideration of hidden costs and risks in the context of offshoring and reshoring decisions. His work has been published in top journals in including the Journal of Operations Management (where he is a Department Editor), the Journal of Supply Chain Management, Management Science, Organization Science, and Production and Operations Management (where he is a Senior Editor). Prior to obtaining his PhD, he worked for eight years in operations management at Procter and Gamble. Contact:


General Committee Members

Ed BernardesTreasurer: Ednilson Bernardes (West Virginia U)
Desiree van Dun

Communications Coordinator: Desirée van Dun (U. of Twente)

Stephanie EckerdDoctoral & Junior Faculty Consortium Coordinator: Stephanie Eckerd (U. of Tennessee)
Kai Förstl

Doctoral & Junior Faculty Consortium Coordinator: Kai Förstl (German Graduate School of Management & Law)

Iuri GavronskiListserv Manager and Webmaster: Iuri Gavronski (UNISINOS University)